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DNA security
DNA security

DNA security

The principle of DNA commodity anti-counterfeiting technology is to extract the DNA of animals and plants, after extraction, splicing, synthesis and other steps, and then processed by genetic engineering technology and then produced by special production. Due to the non-repeatable nature of DNA, it cannot be deciphered and replicated. In this way, the phenomenon of counterfeit goods has been completely eliminated.

DNA anti-counterfeiting is the use of the specificity and complexity of DNA (DNA) of molecular organisms. The DNA is specially strengthened to make the DNA evenly mixed with special media, and can be preserved under normal conditions for a long time. Widely used for the purpose.

DNA series anti-counterfeiting technology products can be divided into three categories according to product characteristics: DNA anti-counterfeiting ink, DNA anti-counterfeiting label, and DNA anti-counterfeiting chip. DNA anti-counterfeiting inks also include DNA recessive anti-counterfeiting inks, DNA edible anti-counterfeiting inks and DNA dominant anti-counterfeiting inks.

The Shenzhen Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used in the field of anti-counterfeiting inks to manufacture labels for various products. Its anti-counterfeiting features are:

1) It can be used for professional anti-counterfeiting (hidden anti-counterfeiting ink), as the ultimate defense line for anti-counterfeiting, and also for public anti-counterfeiting (dominant anti-counterfeiting ink) for immediate identification.

2) DNA anti-counterfeiting ink contains a unique DNA sequence, which has the characteristics of technical monopoly and single source of raw materials. DNA anti-counterfeiting ink technology has been applied for patent protection, and the control of raw materials is strict and difficult to replicate.

3) For comprehensive anti-counterfeiting. DNA anti-counterfeiting ink can be used together with fluorescent ink for fluorescent printing, and can also directly print anti-counterfeiting patterns, micro-text, and the like.

4) Low cost. In terms of general printing, the hidden DNA anti-counterfeiting ink has low loss, economical consumption, and reduced unit cost.

5) The shelf life can be more than 50 years.