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DNA certification security
DNA certification security
DNA certification security

DNA certification security

DNA anti-counterfeiting is generally divided into two types: biological DNA anti-counterfeiting and synthetic DNA anti-counterfeiting. At present (2013), more biological DNA anti-counterfeiting is used.

Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd. biological DNA anti-counterfeiting refers to the process of extracting, refining, splicing, and synthesizing the DNA of plants and animals. After genetic engineering treatment, and then through a special process, DNA can be preserved under normal conditions for a long time ( The time is more than 100 years), and then the biological principle is used to replicate a large number of DNA samples.

Immediate identification, easy to use: DNA password mark, under the UV light can emit various colors of fluorescence to identify the authenticity of the product.

Sequence alignment, ultimate anti-counterfeiting: The ultimate protection is provided by the detection and comparison of DNA biological sequences in the laboratory.

Widely applicable, multiple mechanisms: DNA anti-counterfeiting mark can integrate several other anti-counterfeiting mechanisms, and has provided customers with all-round anti-counterfeiting effects, such as fluorescent printing and anti-counterfeiting shading.

One-time use to prevent repeated paste: according to the needs of the protected product, can be matched with laser marking paper, PE fragile paper, etc. It has a tear-proof design and is intended for one-time use and cannot be reused.

Bio-anti-counterfeiting technology, which is the production of anti-counterfeiting or anti-counterfeiting products that utilizes the unique characteristics of nature, which cannot be counterfeited and simulated. At present, there are two main types of bio-anti-counterfeiting technology, biometric anti-counterfeiting identification technology and commodity anti-counterfeiting technology.

The following describes the DNA anti-counterfeiting products and their application

DNA anti-counterfeiting ink: mainly for anti-counterfeiting printing of anti-counterfeiting labels.

DNA anti-counterfeiting label: DNA anti-counterfeiting label has the high convenience of immediate recognition. Consumers can use a special identification pen to gently draw on the DNA anti-counterfeit label. By reacting with the DNA surface coating, the label will immediately produce a color system. The change is to identify the authenticity on the label and the color is restored in seconds.

DNA anti-counterfeiting pigments: DNA anti-counterfeiting pigments are generally used for special occasions, such as anti-counterfeiting, antique anti-counterfeiting, ceramic anti-counterfeiting and other art anti-counterfeiting.

DNA anti-counterfeit chips: DNA anti-counterfeit chips can be widely used in the financial industry, information electronics industry, access control cards, licenses, boutique tags, membership cards and other occasions.