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Scratch-off laser mark
Scratch-off laser mark

Scratch-off laser mark

The scratch-off laser code mark is an anti-counterfeit label factory that adds the code anti-counterfeiting technology on the basis of the laser anti-counterfeit mark, sprays the password on the surface of the laser mark, and covers it with a scratched silver to achieve multiple anti-counterfeiting effects, which can be seen by laser marking. True or false, you can also verify the authenticity of the product password through 800 phone, 400 phone, SMS, network and other forms. Anti-counterfeiting principle of anti-counterfeiting mark: Each anti-counterfeiting mark has a set of passwords, and each set of passwords is different, which is equivalent to attaching the ID number to each product; at the same time, each set of passwords is true only when the first query is performed. Reuse is a fake. Anti-counterfeiting marking material: This kind of marking is based on laser marking (aluminum oxide film), and engraved with enterprise information, product information and inquiry method on the surface. When the consumer inquires the authenticity, it is only necessary to scrape off the surface scraping ink.

Laser anti-counterfeiting:

Also known as the rainbow hologram, it is the whole process of using the principle of laser holography to quickly copy the printing equipment and materials of the imaged object or image. Because of its high technicality, sophisticated equipment, complicated process, and processed products are easily destroyed, it has high anti-counterfeiting value.

3D security standard

3D anti-counterfeiting is a new type of 3D picture mode. The card surface can see different images from different angles, and its visibility is very strong, and the propaganda function is magical. The visual effect of the card can be a deep stereo effect, or it can have the visual effect of zooming, shifting and rounding, which is completely different from the general printed card.

Query security:

Anti-counterfeiting query method, scraping the scratched coating on the mark, dialing the toll-free number, and following the prompts, each security code is randomly generated by the exclusive anti-counterfeiting system, no sorting is irregular, no matter how many batches of this batch, each piece The number of the label is different. The data is under the coating and is kept secret before it is scratched.

Uncovering the word security:

When the label is removed from the surface of the object to be attached, it will leave a pre-designed mark on the surface of the object to be produced according to the requirements, and will not be restored to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Products are widely used in packaging sealing stickers, logistics anti-theft stickers, logistics management stickers.