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Scratch-open label
Scratch-open label

Scratch-open label

There are many forms of anti-counterfeit labels, which are like the competition between spear and shield, and are constantly updated with the development of technology. Commonly used are laser labels, fragile paper labels, uncovering anti-counterfeit labels, and scratch-off security labels. As the saying goes, the right one is the best. Each widely used anti-counterfeiting technology has its unique characteristics of the times. With the change of years, the anti-counterfeiting technology that has undergone market testing and has been enduring for a long time must have a unique place.

Anti-counterfeit label factory scratch-off anti-counterfeit label, that is, scratching silver anti-counterfeit label, refers to the digital anti-counterfeit label that scratches the anti-counterfeit coating to obtain the password for corresponding inquiry. It is the mainstream technology in the market and is widely used. It should be pointed out that Credit Suisse 09 The year has developed a hybrid encoding of Arabic numerals and English letters, and its encryption level is far ahead of the industry.

Anti-counterfeit label factory scratch-type digital security labels The most commonly used materials are fragile paper, plastic film materials, PVC, coated paper, etc., the query method is 800 telephone and 106 heads in the early query, and Credit Suisse took the lead in eliminating 800 and 106. The combination of 400 telephone, SMS, WeChat public number, official website embedding, etc. is also the mainstream query verification method in the market. The principle is: set a unique anti-counterfeiting code for each incoming product, and store this code in the central database, and establish a telephone (mobile phone or network) query authentication network throughout the country. Consumers who purchase products with scratch-off anti-counterfeit labels can simply verify the authenticity of the products by simply dialing the phone or surfing the Internet and entering the anti-counterfeiting code. This breaks through the traditional anti-counterfeiting products and is easily prevented by the masses. Limitations that are not easily identifiable.

The characteristics of scratch-off digital anti-counterfeit labels are unique, reliable, easy to distinguish, and extendable in function. They are widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, health products, agricultural materials, food, cosmetics, alcohol, auto parts, medicine, and light. Industry, electrical appliances, audio-visual cultural products and other industries.