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Uncovering paper mark
Uncovering paper mark

Uncovering paper mark

Anti-counterfeiting labels are divided into scraping type and uncovering type. Most customers use this anti-counterfeiting method. Its advantages are simple and easy to query, and the price is low. The principle is to scratch the 20-bit anti-counterfeit password inside the coating, and the consumer can make a security check by dialing the phone according to the voice prompt. Can also be through the website query, SMS query, WeChat QR code query. The surface of the scratch-off anti-counterfeit label can be used to represent the logistics of the goods, and the uncovering surface is not suitable for the running water code. In short, the enterprise chooses the scratch-off type or the open-type anti-counterfeit label, which should be selected according to the particularity of its own products. .

The anti-counterfeit label factory scratch-off anti-counterfeit laser mark has the following advantages:

1. The uniqueness of the logo, any digital anti-counterfeit marker is unique; and can only be used all at once, and the counterfeiter cannot copy the reuse.

2, the reliability of anti-counterfeiting, it condenses the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of many high-tech means. Even if the anti-counterfeit person masters the manufacturing method of the anti-counterfeit mark, it cannot effectively copy the anti-counterfeit mark of a certain product; it is not only impossible to manufacture in batches, but also economically not worth the loss, and time is not allowed. It realizes the organic unification of the transferability of technology and the unforgeability of anti-counterfeiting marks.

3, the simplicity of identification, consumers can pass the code on the process control phone input identification whenever and wherever, the computer system automatically identify, you can get the manufacturer, the authenticity of the goods and other related information, the whole process only needs a few Ten seconds.

The commonly used techniques for anti-counterfeiting label factory uncovering paper-based anti-counterfeiting are as follows:

1. Group flower: Print the pattern of various flowers on the anti-counterfeit label, and also have high technical appreciation while anti-counterfeiting. It is also possible to plan a personalized group flower security label through contact with the product and company image.

2. Ground pattern: It is an element that connects various different elements in a regular manner according to regularity and continuity, but lines, curves, corrugations, and so on. Often used for security features on documents.

3. Lace: used for printing on the margin of goods, with a variety of different composite lace, after changing its elements and colors have reached the role of decoration and anti-counterfeiting.

4. Latent Shadow: Print the relevant words and drawings in the print, giving the impression that the text and the picture are lurking in the print.

5. Relief: The use of relief processing, using lines for shading, such anti-counterfeiting label technology is widely used.

6. Microfilm: The text is reduced to a size that cannot be changed by the naked eye. This anti-counterfeiting technology is simple and has a very good effect.

7. Anti-scanning: lines that can no longer be rendered with modern ultra-high-precision scanners and photo-engraving. This can be done to prevent the print from being copied.

8. Picture processing: use different lines, contact the set picture of the printed matter, and then generate various different anti-counterfeiting effects according to the different data programs.