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Self-adhesive security label
Self-adhesive security label
Self-adhesive security label

Self-adhesive security label

In order to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products from appearing in the market, many companies use anti-counterfeit labels in their own products. There are many kinds of anti-counterfeit labels in the anti-counterfeit label factory. Let’s take a look at the use of self-adhesive labels.

How to use the self-adhesive label:

1. The self-adhesive label should be flat and the rewinding tension should be uniform. The flatness is good, and it can be correctly transported, operated, registered and wounded during printing. The rewinding tension of the film should be uniform and appropriate, such as the tension is too small, the film substrate is slack, and the vertical and horizontal overprinting is not accurate; if the tension is too large, the substrate shrinks laterally, the color registration is unstable, and it is difficult to print normally.

2. The thickness of the self-adhesive label should be uniform and the strength index should be qualified. The printing pressure applied during the printing process is related to the thickness of the sticker. If the thickness is uneven, the printing pressure is not uniform, which may cause the writing or the ink color of the label print to be deep and shallow. If the film strength is too poor, the tension of the film during printing is difficult to control, which has a great influence on die cutting and discharge.

3. Comprehensive considerations based on the type, grade, quality, characteristics of the surface to be pasted, the environment of use and the requirements of the user. If a label made of a transparent polypropylene sticker is applied to a transparent bottle, it can produce a label-free fashion feeling, which can improve the quality of the product and stimulate the consumer's desire to purchase. The flexibility, shrinkage, opacity, processing characteristics and labeling characteristics of the polyvinyl chloride film are very good, and the color is bright, the contrast is large, it can attract people's attention, and has the function of promoting the promotion of goods.

General anti-counterfeit label factory self-adhesive label technology:

1. The anti-overall transfer function is low, and it is often left on the sticker by the colorful anti-counterfeiting code. It cannot be transferred and re-posted on the counterfeit product.

2, the production threshold is very low, the process is simple. More than 10,000 printing equipment and printing methods on the market can be completed. Simply copied from scratch.

3, the generality of the glue, the film seal is simple and warped, the general process is not good, the invisible edge increases the labor cost, reduces the power, although the price is more favorable, but the cost is high.

4, the role is very general, often showing the phenomenon of scratching the layer.

5. Increase the cost of counterfeiting and simply be counterfeited.