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Reading pen security label
Reading pen security label
Reading pen security label

Reading pen security label

The pen-reading pen anti-counterfeit label adopts HP-Indigo, the world's first digital label printing machine. It is the most advanced digital printing equipment in the world. It eliminates the traditional printing mechanism and printing process, and strives to create a digital printing pioneer. Data printing, with variable information technology, a series of information content such as serial number, barcode, QR code and pattern can be different from each of the batch orders, as well as its new anti-counterfeit invisible ink. It also provides an additional security anti-counterfeiting function, which converts the special speech code into an information coding graphic, and reads the information icon on the printed matter in a voice form.

Introduction to voice anti-counterfeiting technology:

The anti-counterfeiting label factory uses a special encoding computer to convert the code with special laws into special printable microcode. This microcode contains a wealth of information, which can be introduced to enterprises, logistics information, product introductions, etc.

The dedicated voice information recognition pen is used to store the special information of the microcode in the chip inside the pen. The information in the printed matter is collected by OCR far infrared extraction technology by contact or non-contact. The identification pen passes through the digital conversion of the integrated circuit chip, and the encoded information is expressed on the recognition pen by voice.

Point reading voice security features:

1. It has the characteristics of being difficult to forge, easy to combine product packaging, and easy to identify.

2, high security sound quality, large capacity storage.

3. The printing carrier can be a variety of materials such as non-adhesive paper, coated paper, and printable PE and PVC.

As an emerging anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting label factory anti-counterfeiting technology has the characteristics of being difficult to forge, easy to combine product packaging, and easy to identify, so it has broad market application prospects. In the current counterfeit and severely affected areas, such as tax anti-counterfeiting, tobacco anti-counterfeiting, alcohol anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting document security, ticket anti-counterfeiting, stamp anti-counterfeiting and other specific areas can be achieved by reading the voice anti-counterfeiting technology to achieve anti-counterfeiting and fidelity.

Voice anti-counterfeiting is suitable for high-grade tobacco and alcohol, jewelry, health care products, electronic products and other industries. Especially suitable for branded products with exclusive stores, counters and large sales points.