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Flow code
Flow code

The pipeline code is often used for material-related coding. In order to distinguish the codes that are not expressed in the material coding principle, the general pipeline code is set at the end to distinguish different objects.

Flow code

Anti-counterfeit label factory operates various stickers, color boxes, PVC/PET/PP/PC/PS printing and molding, various gimmicks, plastic bags, body stickers, epoxy, ceramic stickers, various water stickers, Copy paper printing, non-woven printing and molding, nameplate, webbing, various computer hole paper, 2D barcode, battery sticker, 3D printing, sticky note, hand bag, EVA mat, anti-counterfeiting printing, laser gold card / Silver card, serial number sticker, special printing, etc. Shenzhen Zhongchuangxin Printing focuses on self-adhesive label printing. We are located in the third floor of No.6, Shangxue Technology City, Putian, Longgang District, Shenzhen. The transportation is convenient, the location is superior, and the development is flourishing. Zhongchuangxin people take "sincerity, diligence, economy and innovation" as the guide for life and lay a solid foundation for our further development. We are based on traditional self-adhesive label printing, innovation, integration of various printing processes, and commitment to Food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and daily chemicals provide a full range of label solutions.

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