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Special patterns
Special patterns

Laser lithography anti-counterfeiting technology also known as laser coding technology, also known as laser "burning word" technology. Because of the high cost of laser coding machine, the application is not wide enough, only in mass production or other printing methods can not be achieved in the use of the occasion. It is for this reason that it has played a role in anti-counterfeiting packaging. Laser coding sealing technology is a good container anti-counterfeiting technology. After the product is filled and sealed and stamped, a laser print is carried out at the seam of the cover and container, so that the upper part of the glyph is printed on the cover and the lower part is printed on the container. The anti-counterfeiting effect of this technology is:


1. Packaging containers cannot be reused. It is difficult to align the new cover with the old container to match the handwriting.

2. Lasers are expensive and encode prints on the production line. It is difficult for ordinary counterfeiters to invest heavily in the purchase of this equipment

3.Anti-Counterfeiting label factoryCan be arbitrarily replaced printing template, different dates with different templates, replacement details only a few people know, outsiders are more difficult to crack.

From the anti-counterfeiting effect, laser coding technology is even better than laser holographic image technology. The laser holographic logo is printed by the printing press, and the manufacturer using the logo cannot ensure that the master does not outflow or illegally reproduce from the printing link. For counterfeiters, laser holographic logos can be purchased directly in batches, without the need for equipment investment, and do not need to master the technology. And the use of laser coding technology anti-counterfeiting, counterfeiters encountered the first problem is expensive equipment investment. Laser encoders are expensive and must be used online, coupled with the secrecy of the replacement variants of glyph templates, making it difficult for scattered small and medium-sized factories to make fakes. For these reasons, the packaging life of laser coding technology is longer than that of packaging with laser holographic marking.