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Bronzing film
Bronzing film

Bronzing film

In addition to hot stamping labels, the general label surface is covered with a film, the material of this film is generally PVC, PET, OPP, BOPP and so on. This film is also able to make the item work well and is not easily damaged. This film is usually the most widely used laser laser anti-counterfeiting film. The company that produces anti-counterfeiting film is generally an anti-counterfeiting printing manufacturer or a professional anti-counterfeiting manufacturer, because it needs to consider various problems. The film material selected for the anti-counterfeit label film is PET first, and the product includes laser holographic aluminized film, laser holographic bright glazing film, laser holographic bronzing film, etc. The colors are gold, silver, red, green, black, etc., which are widely used in printing and packaging. industry.

Shenzhen Shengye Industrial Co., Ltd. has been widely used in the fields of food, medicine, daily chemicals, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, gift packaging and decorative materials. From the perspective of product composition, laser film products can be roughly divided into three major areas. Class: BOPP laser film, PET laser film and PVC laser film. From the technical level, the anti-counterfeiting laser film products in the trademark printing field are high-end products in the industry. The production process involves laser anti-counterfeiting, film pressing, painting, transfer and other technical aspects, and the product has a high added value. It is also widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, such as moon cake boxes, toothpaste boxes and other fields of laser technology will be more and more applications.