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Laser fragile film
Laser fragile film
Laser fragile film

Laser fragile film

Laser fragile membrane classification

The special shredded paper has high fragmentation and is difficult to discharge. It is suitable for avoiding the trademark of anti-counterfeiting and is generally used for sealing.

The medium shredded paper has a general degree of fragmentation and general waste discharge effect, and is suitable for the opening and closing of the anti-counterfeiting trademark.

The waste paper surface has low fragmentation and is easy to be discharged, which is suitable for the opening and closing of the anti-counterfeiting trademark.

Laser fragile film backing paper is generally divided into 165g white paper and 80g glassine paper. The thickness and the size of the laser fragile membrane surface can be customized according to the customer's requirements, as well as other substrates.

Generally, 4CM or above labels are recommended for waste disposal. 1-4CM is recommended to use medium-breaking, anti-counterfeit label factory machines that do not discharge laser fragile membranes, and labels within 1CM to select special shredded laser fragile membranes. In addition, if the laser fragile film requires full-page printing or dyeing processing, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and number of pinholes for controlling the surface material. If the laser fragile film surface material has many pinholes and dense, white spots will appear after dyeing. , affecting the printing effect

Laser fragile membrane definition: a composite anti-counterfeiting material with a fragile printed material as the fabric, a special strong adhesive on the back, and a silicon coated paper as the base paper.

There are many classification methods for laser fragile membranes, and the following are common:

According to the degree of fragility: special crush (high paper size, difficult to discharge), medium crush (general paper size, general waste effect), waste (low paper size, easy to discharge).

According to the bottom paper classification: thick-bottom laser fragile film (the substrate is 120g-220g release paper), the glass-breaking laser fragile film (the substrate is about 80g Glacier)

According to environmental protection standards: water-based laser fragile film (laser fragile film made of water-based raw materials, in line with environmental standards), oily laser fragile film (made of oily raw materials, does not meet environmental requirements)

Our company produces water-based environmentally friendly laser fragile membranes, which meets environmental protection requirements. Please feel free to use them.

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