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Electronic cigarette anti-counterfeiting label
Electronic cigarette anti-counterfeiting label
Electronic cigarette anti-counterfeiting label

The electronic cigarette anti-counterfeiting label is an anti-counterfeiting label formed by the anti-counterfeiting label factory based on the characteristics of one object and one code. Consumers only need to use the anti-counterfeiting information on the query label to check the authenticity of the product.

E-cigarette anti-counterfeiting labels have the following advantages:

One is to facilitate query: users can easily query the authenticity of the product by using a mobile phone;

The second is to enhance the visibility of corporate products and brand publicity: consumers can interact with the company while checking product information to enhance users’ trust in the brand;

The third is to collect user data: through anti-counterfeiting inquiries, merchants can count the number of consumers, consumption behavior, etc., and obtain information about consumers' responses in real time;

The fourth is to standardize the market: Anti-counterfeiting label technology can effectively combat counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, increase the cost of counterfeiting, and standardize the market.