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Digital security label
Digital security label

Digital security label

The advantages of digital anti-counterfeiting technology

As an emerging anti-counterfeiting technology, digital technology has advantages that other anti-counterfeiting technologies cannot match, as follows:

● Uniqueness. With digital as an anti-counterfeit marker, any anti-counterfeit number (digital ID) is unique - and can only be used once. Counterfeiters cannot be copied for reuse.

● Reliability. Digital anti-counterfeiting condenses a number of high-tech technologies with a unique anti-counterfeiting mechanism. Even if the counterfeiter can imitate the appearance of the marker, it cannot forge the use of the anti-counterfeit number connotation, and the imitation is very high.

● Simplicity. The Internet access computer, ordinary telephone, and mobile phone are used as the query identification terminal, and the consumer authenticates by inputting the anti-counterfeiting number, and the whole process is simple and quick, and the interaction is strong.

● Unity. By using digital anti-counterfeiting networks all over the country, it is possible to quickly establish a nationwide anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting network, which is convenient for monitoring and unified management.

● Versatility. In addition to the anti-counterfeiting function, the anti-counterfeit number also has many functions such as performing prize sales.

●The performance price ratio is high. Low cost, wide coverage and easy to accept.

Application of digital anti-counterfeiting technology

The QR code anti-counterfeiting label has developed rapidly in China in recent years and has been widely used in the anti-counterfeiting of various commodities. Applied in the label, there are mainly paper-based scratch-off, uncovering and holographic uncovering and laser scratch-off identification of several labels.

1. Paper uncovering label

This logo is made of specialized technology and specialized materials. The logo is synthesized by both the top layer (uncovering layer) and the sub-layer (remaining layer). The sub-layer is an extremely thin resin film. According to the surface material and color of the object to be attached, a resin film having a different color can be used. For transparent, white (silver) and yellow (gold) colors, black or color security digital is printed on the resin layer. Printing color security digital can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the logo. Mark the underlying printed digital and bond the top layer to the bottom layer. When the skylight on the surface is uncovered, it is digitally exposed for consumers to inquire.

2. Laser uncovering label

This logo is a double information carrier of holographic image plus printing and coding developed on the basis of embossed holography technology combined with multi-coat composite printing technology. The target consists of a top layer, a sublayer and a release layer. The surface layer (uncovering layer) is a laser image and has all the features of the laser anti-counterfeiting mark; the sub-layer (remaining layer) is an extremely thin resin film, and different resin films are used depending on the surface material and color of the object to be attached, It can be divided into three types: transparent, white (silver) and yellow (gold), and printed with anti-counterfeit digital on the resin layer.

3. Laser scratch-off logo

This logo is based on the laser marking. The surface is printed with anti-counterfeit digital and then covered with special ink. The logo is easy to scrape, safe and reliable.