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Digital security
Digital security

Digital security

In recent years, the digital anti-counterfeiting label technology at home and abroad has made great progress, but it involves multiple science fields and high-tech means, so that the strength of anti-counterfeit QR code is constantly increasing, and the difficulty of the cottage is increasing. The work of pirated counterfeit goods and regulating the market has played a positive role, and as the market economy develops, the society has put forward new requirements for digital anti-counterfeiting products and digital anti-counterfeiting technology produced by digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturers. Anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code is easy for ordinary consumers to recognize: Although it is difficult to control due to the use of various high-tech and difficult technologies, the difficulty of identification is also improved for consumers, and often The instrument or equipment can be identified, or it must be recognized by someone with professional knowledge. If you are not buying bulk commodities but just buying daily necessities, consumers will not be able to identify them or identify them, so they must develop and produce a large amount of consumption. A digital security label that is easy to identify and not easy to copy.

2, to meet the requirements of sanitary conditions and large-scale production: At present, China's large number of commodity labels are still using manual labeling, but for some products with higher hygiene standards (medical hygiene products, food, etc.), manual stickers The standard is difficult to meet health standards. With the development of production and the improvement of consumers' requirements for the quality of goods, it is imperative to achieve accurate positioning of automatic labeling. Nowadays, digital anti-counterfeiting products and digital anti-counterfeiting technologies need to meet the above two kits to achieve long-term development. After all, the market is changing, and people's needs are also changing. If one layer is unchanged, it will eventually Only the result of being eliminated.

"General technical conditions for digital anti-counterfeiting holographic products" stipulates the classification of digital anti-counterfeiting holographic technology, digital anti-counterfeiting efforts, product technical requirements and safety measures; safety digital anti-counterfeiting paper standards are mainly used for printing securities, checks, stocks and documents; digital security The ink standard specifies the technical requirements for UV-excited fluorescent inks. How much do you know about the digital anti-counterfeiting logo?

1. Photosensitive, temperature-sensitive two-layer digital anti-counterfeiting symbol: a two-layer digital anti-counterfeiting symbol consisting of a base layer and a coating layer containing photosensitive and temperature-sensitive paint. When used, customers only need to use their fingers to quietly hold digital anti-counterfeiting on the product. a sign that enables it to change color;

2. Fluorescent digital anti-counterfeiting symbol: After the special digital anti-counterfeiting fluorescent lamp shines, the symbol printed by digital anti-counterfeit fluorescent ink will be bright, and the bright red, orange red, yellow-green or green fluorescence will appear, and its fluorescence intensity is high and the printing is adapted. Good sex;

3, invisible skills digital anti-counterfeiting symbols: According to the principle of holographic digital anti-counterfeiting symbols, the top surface of the metal bottle cap is used to directly produce a digital anti-counterfeiting symbol that is shaded and bright. This symbol reflects a particular picture or glyph when illuminated in sunlight or a light bulb;

4, laser holographic digital anti-counterfeiting symbol: According to the laser dry and principle, the picture or character from different levels, different viewpoints, then superimposed processing, the effect of different colors. This kind of digital anti-counterfeiting symbol has high skill content and is not easy to copy. It should be initiated and implemented;

5, reactive SK temperature control digital anti-counterfeiting mark: only slightly warmed on the trademark, digital anti-counterfeiting color will immediately fade, showing the production symbol of digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturers; after cooling, digital anti-counterfeiting color agile recovery, cover from scratch Digital security symbol.