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Digital security standard
Digital security standard
Digital security standard

Digital security standard

Digital anti-counterfeiting standards are applicable to various products in various industries, such as digital, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. Moreover, the cost of such labels is generally low, and the laser anti-counterfeit label is also called holographic anti-counterfeit label. It is an anti-counterfeit label made by laser color hologram plate making technology and mold copying technology. The plate-making technology that can be realized is: dot matrix dynamic light, one-time Special laser film, 3D optical micro-shrinking background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium text, etc., the general user mainly observes through the naked eye, and can also observe the internal engraving features through microscopic equipment to identify the authenticity. Eight anti-counterfeiting technologies for laser anti-counterfeiting labels: group flower, ground pattern, lace, latent image, relief, microfilm, anti-scan and image processing

1. Group flower: It is to print the pattern of various flowers on the holographic anti-counterfeit label , and it also has high technical appreciation while anti-counterfeiting. It is also possible to design a personalized group laser anti-counterfeit label by combining it with the product and company image.

2. Ground pattern: It is a combination of various elements in a regular and continuous manner, but it is an element of a straight line, a curve, a corrugated line, and the like. Often used for security features on documents.

3. Lace: used for printing on the edge of the product, with a variety of different composite lace, by changing its elements and colors have reached the role of decoration and anti-counterfeiting.

4. Latent shadow: It is to print the relevant words and patterns in the pattern, giving the impression that the words and patterns are lurking in the printed matter.

5. Embossing: The use of relief processing, using lines for shading, such laser anti-counterfeiting label technology is widely used.

6. Microfilm: The text is reduced to a size that cannot be changed by the naked eye. This anti-counterfeiting technology is simple in design and very effective.

7. Anti-scanning: lines that can no longer be rendered using modern ultra-high-precision scanners and photoengraving. This can be done to prevent the print from being copied. 8. Image processing: using different lines, combined with the background pattern of the printed matter, and then generating various anti-counterfeiting effects according to different data programs. The laser anti-counterfeiting label is one of the anti-counterfeiting technology products, and it is everyone's responsibility to put an end to counterfeit and shoddy products.