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One-dimensional barcode
One-dimensional barcode
One-dimensional barcode

One-dimensional barcode

The one-dimensional bar code refers to the bar code bar and the empty arrangement rule. The code system of the commonly used one-dimensional code includes: EAN code, 39 code, cross 25 code, UPC code, 128 code, 93 code, ISBN code, and Codabar (Kude Bar code) and so on.

Barcodes originated in the 1940s and were used in the 1970s and became popular in the 1980s. Barcode technology is an automatic identification technology widely used in computer applications and practice, which is widely used in business, postal, library management, warehousing, industrial production process control, transportation, etc. It has fast input speed and high accuracy. The advantages of low cost and high reliability play an important role in today's automatic identification technology.

A bar code is a mark consisting of a set of regularly arranged bars, spaces, and corresponding characters. "Bar" refers to the portion with low reflectance to light, and "empty" refers to the portion with higher reflectance to light. These bars and spaces constitute The data expresses certain information and can be read by a specific device and converted into binary and decimal information compatible with the computer. Usually for each item, its encoding is unique. For ordinary one-dimensional barcodes, the correspondence between barcodes and product information is also established through the database. When the barcode data is transmitted to the computer, it is used by the computer. The application operates and processes the data. Therefore, the common code anti-counterfeit mark is only used as identification information in the course of use, and its meaning is realized by extracting corresponding information in the database of the computer system. One-dimensional barcodes are simple to make, and the code system is easier to obtain and falsify by criminals. Second, one-dimensional barcodes are almost impossible to represent Chinese characters and image information.

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