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serial number
serial number

serial number

Generally refers to the number of an event participant

For example: the serial number of the primary school graduation exam

Also like a number that is more like water

Usually used in exam numbers

Swift Number: The bank's code

The Swift Number is usually composed of a mixture of 8 letters and a few letters or numbers or letters + numbers.

That is, the bank's code, this can be asked at the counters of the various banks. Swift Number queries are now available on the banks' websites. At the time of wire transfer, the remittance bank sends the payment message according to the Swift Number of the receiving bank, and the money can be remitted to the receiving bank. Each branch of a bank has its own Swift Number.

The serial number is also used in industrial production, and each product has its own serial number. A serial number is the ID card and identification number of a product. The number implies a lot of information (such as the machine tool number), which helps to trace quality problems.

The anti-counterfeit label factory's advanced printing equipment can produce a variety of anti-counterfeiting products, including: laser laser anti-counterfeit labels; laser interference stripe anti-counterfeit labels; positioning hot stamping labels, wearing gold thread labels, aluminum labels, barcode labels; two-dimensional code labels, Blank label; fragile label; thermal transfer code laser mark; special color laser mark; uncovering left word pattern mark; code anti-counterfeit mark; digital lithography mark; laser code mark (convex code / blank code); Irregular trimming; silk-screening laser marking; encryption laser marking; laser hot stamping, etc. can also provide multiple composite anti-counterfeiting labels and other printing according to the needs of high-end customers.