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Chemical anti-counterfeiting technology
Chemical anti-counterfeiting technology
Chemical anti-counterfeiting technology

Chemical anti-counterfeiting technology

Chemical anti-counterfeiting technology Anti-counterfeiting ink: Ink with anti-counterfeiting properties. Anti-counterfeiting inks are an extremely important field of anti-counterfeiting technology, and they are widely used in many disciplines. It is a special ink specially developed to add some special substances to the ink and has anti-counterfeiting function, which is used for printing anti-counterfeiting printing products. Its formula and process are confidential and should be strictly managed; its products should also be supplied to designated manufacturers at a fixed time and at regular intervals, and special personnel should be used to prevent the spread.

1) Photosensitive anti-counterfeiting ink (fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, etc.):

Chemical anti-counterfeiting technology emits visible light ink under the illumination of light. The light referred to here is visible and invisible light such as ultraviolet light, infrared light, and sunlight.

a. Ultraviolet fluorescent ink: It emits visible light (400-800nm) ink under ultraviolet light (200-400nm). Usually referred to as short-wave ultraviolet light to stimulate visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting printing ink, excitation wavelength is 254nm, long-wave ultraviolet light excitation visible fluorescent anti-counterfeiting printing ink, excitation wavelength is 365nm.

b. Daylight-excited color-changing ink: It can emit anti-counterfeiting printing ink with visible light of 400-800nm under the illumination of sunlight. This kind of ink is discolored by the action of sunlight from the application, and is substantially discolored by ultraviolet radiation.

c. Infrared anti-counterfeiting ink: An ink made by using infrared (700-1500nm) with different absorption characteristics, and can be detected or recognized by the instrument. A pair of substances having different absorption characteristics for infrared rays are added to the ink. Products printed with infrared inks have no reaction under ordinary light, and under infrared light detection, corresponding signals or graphics can be observed.

2) Thermal anti-counterfeiting ink (temperature change anti-counterfeiting):

An ink that can undergo a color change effect under the action of heat. It is usually divided into reversible and irreversible thermochromic anti-counterfeiting inks; usually referred to as a color change temperature of 34-100 degrees Celsius. The hand temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting ink is a kind of thermochromic anti-counterfeiting ink, and refers to an ink capable of generating a color-changing effect under the action of a temperature of 34-36 degrees Celsius. The principle of thermochromism is to cause a change in the absorbance of the color changing compound by physical or chemical changes under heating.

3) Pressure sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink:

Under the pressure friction, the color of the ink can appear. It is made by adding special chemical reagents or color-changing substances to the ink. A colored or invisible graphic printed with such an ink. When rubbed or pressed with a hard object or tool, chemical pressure change or microcapsule rupture dye appears to appear in color (red, blue, ink, Green, purple, yellow, etc.). The displayed color can be selected according to the user's requirements and the design can be designed.

4) Magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink:

An anti-counterfeiting printing ink made of a magnetic powder material as a functional component. It is the most common application of anti-counterfeiting ink, its outstanding features are the appearance of color depth, the detection instrument is simple, and it is mostly used for ticket security.

5) Optically variable anti-counterfeiting ink:

Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting is made of a multi-layer optical film flake powder capable of optical interference as a dispersion material, and imprints inks having completely different colors when the incident angles of light are 90 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius, respectively. This technology is extremely complicated and expensive, and there are few countries that can be produced. It has been used on foreign banknotes.

6) Anti-shadowing anti-counterfeiting ink:

An ink that has a chromogenic chemical reaction to the chemical used for alteration.