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Temperature change security label
Temperature change security label
Temperature change security label

Temperature change security label

The temperature-changing anti-counterfeit label is a dynamic color anti-counterfeit label that displays a specific color or no color at normal temperature, and its color changes significantly when the temperature (high temperature or low temperature) changes. The anti-counterfeiting principle is to use the thermal ink on the label. The color changes rapidly as the ambient temperature changes. The high temperature disappears and the high temperature discolors. After heating, the color of the ink can be divided into two ways:

1. Anti-counterfeit label factory irreversible type thermal ink has two kinds of color and discoloration. The color-developing irreversible thermal ink has no color appearance, and the color appears after being subjected to heat. After cooling, the color is no longer recovered and colorless; the color of the irreversible ink is changed from one color to another after being heated, and the color is no longer recovered after cooling. primary color.

2. Anti-counterfeit label factory Reversible type reversible type has color, color, color change three. The color is reversible and the appearance is colorless. When it is heated, the color appears. After the temperature is lowered, the color disappears and it can be recovered to colorless. The color is reversible. After the original color is heated, the color disappears. After cooling, the original color can be recovered. The color reversible type is the original color. It becomes another color after being heated, and it can recover the original color after cooling down; it can change the color agilely with the change of the ambient temperature, so that the color of the object to be colored and dynamically changed.

The temperature-changing anti-counterfeit label printing is printed by special ink. The color-changing principle is that the ink reaches a certain temperature range in the outside temperature, and the chemical structure inside the ink is changed, so that the label appears different colors. The identification method can be used to identify the hand or the brain, or sigh with a sigh of relief, or use high-temperature heating to identify the changes in the picture. The user immediately identifies the true and false of the purchased product.