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Drip disappears anti-counterfeiting label
Drip disappears anti-counterfeiting label
Drip disappears anti-counterfeiting label

Drip disappearing anti-counterfeiting label includes laser label and paper label two kinds


Dripping disappear anti-counterfeiting standard is the use of additional special printing ink and special plate-making process to end, the text may be a picture of hiding, the naked eye can not see, can only borrow water droplets, water droplets and ink to react with each other to reach the role. And then we, to understand the drip disappeared anti-counterfeiting logo mainly used materials.

It is a new anti-counterfeiting technology developed on the basis of drip filtration technology, laser anti-counterfeiting label is the use of selective irradiation and etching, in the identification part of a semi-bright microporous and with special ink, constitute a specific picture. When distinguishing only one drop of water applied to the white picture, the picture disappears, after the dry picture rehabilitation, is at present in the anti-counterfeiting inspection aspect, for the simple, easy to operate Nano, the material anti-counterfeiting technology.

The use of drip lost tags: on the label to find the drip disappeared anti-counterfeiting symbol, take a small drop of water, will drip water to the label, the site will appear hiding in the label of the drip anti-counterfeiting text may be pictures.

Drip lost the material used in the label is mainly a few points:

Drip ink-the ink appearance color is white, after the water becomes bright, water dry and then recovered to white, this change is reversible. Can only screen; irreversible for the water loose ink, color has red, yellow, blue, green, black and so on.

Water discoloration ink (wet sensitive ink)

1, suitable for consumer identification of one of the methods: the use of micro-orifice transmittance for anti-counterfeiting identification. Water, wine and other liquid foam dripping vanishing technology anti-counterfeiting mark pattern, because the orifice is full of liquid, the surface of the optical structure changes, the pattern shallower gradually disappeared, such as the pattern on the back of the color pattern, then the color pattern on the back of the pattern becomes more obvious. Once the liquid evaporates and the pattern returns to its original condition, the pattern disappears to the recovery process thoroughly, visibly, between about 30 seconds and 60 seconds.

2, suitable for consumer identification method Two: the use of high-magnification magnifying glass for anti-counterfeiting identification. Using a 120 times-fold magnifying glass to carefully observe the pattern part of the anti-counterfeiting logo, you can see that the pattern is made up of irregular points.