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Heating disappears security label
Heating disappears security label
Heating disappears security label

Heating disappears security label

Heating and disappearing characteristics of anti-counterfeit labels

The heating-disappearing tag anti-counterfeit tag is one of the temperature-changing anti-counterfeit tags, has the characteristics of being difficult to copy and imitation, and is easy to inspect, and has the feature of being successfully copied by a third party within a certain time limit, because it is easy to check and thus is often used for Auto parts, light industry, machinery, building materials, chemicals, electronics, etc. In the early days, the single temperature change anti-counterfeiting is very widely used. With the popularization of digital anti-counterfeiting technology, many times the temperature change anti-counterfeiting combined with digital anti-counterfeiting use, so that the use of anti-counterfeit labels is more powerful and the query is more convenient.

The value of making temperature-sensitive anti-counterfeit labels:

1. The main function of attaching temperature-changing anti-counterfeit labels to commodities is to be able to display the regularization of products, so that consumers can buy them with confidence and bring better market reputation to enterprises.

2. Through the cloud certificate, the temperature-changing anti-counterfeit label can effectively counterfeit the faker's fraud, and the anti-counterfeit product can make the product not be counterfeited. Even if it is counterfeit, it can explain it well, and it can pass the similar temperature-changing anti-counterfeit label. Anti-counterfeiting technology, nowadays products are less likely to be counterfeited, product anti-counterfeiting technology is diversified, counterfeiters' cost of fraud is too high, and there is no fraud without interest.

The temperature change ink is also called a thermochromic ink, a heat sensitive ink or a temperature indicating ink. The temperature-changing inks produced by the company are divided into three categories: a certain color is displayed at normal temperature, and the color disappears into colorless after heating, and immediately returns to the original color after cooling, because the change process is reversible, called “ Reversible temperature-changing decolorizing ink"; showing no color at normal temperature, changing to another color after heating, and returning to the original colorless after cooling, because the change process is reversible, called "reversible temperature change hair color" Ink"; the ink displays color at normal temperature, and becomes another color after heating, because the change process can be inversely referred to as "reversible temperature-changing color-changing ink";

In the anti-counterfeiting detection, the most simple and easy to operate nano-scale material anti-counterfeiting; when identification, only the temperature on the mark is reached, the pattern disappears or discolors, and after the temperature is restored, the pattern is naturally recovered and reversible.