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Water color change security label
Water color change security label
Water color change security label

Water color change security label

In agricultural production, farmers often attach the QR code to the anti-counterfeiting standard on the agricultural products. It can be seen that the two-dimensional code can be printed on the laser anti-counterfeit mark not only on paper.

Water-resistant color-proof anti-counterfeit labels are also called water-sensitive labels and water-discoloring labels. This label material will change color when it is completely exposed to water, and the color is irreversible. Anti-counterfeiting label factory for the current maintenance service for mobile phones, batteries, electronics, electrical appliances, LCD and other products after water damage, difficult to identify or misidentify, control the non-conformity of the warranty, but also for the ocean shipping cargo water identification, legal claims A new product developed according to the basis. The main function of the water-sensitive label is that when the substrate is completely covered with water, the surface will become a distinct color from the previous one and irreversible, so the changed color can be any other color specified by the customer. According to the critical humidity of the product after it is damaged by water, it can be designed according to the preset relative humidity discoloration or only when it is completely immersed in water. There are two main types of waterproof labels, one is water diffusion: when the label is immersed in water, the original pattern on the label will spread rapidly around the circumference. The other is water color development: when the label is immersed in water, the original label color will quickly spread, completely becoming another preset color.

The function of water-proof color-proof anti-counterfeiting label can not be separated from the material used. The water-changing ink is also called wet-sensitive ink, which is generally divided into reversible achromatic and irreversible moisture-sensitive loose.

First, the reversible achromatic ink is a water-based ink, also known as a water-sensitive ink. The picture or text printed with this ink, the color changes from white to colorless after dripping, the color is restored after evaporation, anti-counterfeiting effect: from colored-colorless, such as white-colorless.

Printing method: silk screen.

Second, irreversible moisture sensitive loose ink is water-based ink, also known as water loose ink.

Pictures or texts printed with this ink will gradually become loose after encountering water, and the picture or text will become confused. The loose color of the water will not recover into the original picture. After the mark printed on the ink is inspected, the mark cannot be reused, and it is used to check whether the battery of the mobile phone, the electric appliance or the like is in contact with water.