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Laser burning code
Laser burning code
Laser burning code

Laser burning code

Laser burning code is a popular name, also known as "laser coding" or "laser coding" or "laser marking" "laser coding". That is, using a laser coder to directly put a bar code on the material. , serial number, QR code, production batch number, laser anti-counterfeit label, etc.

Micro-laser laser is dedicated to providing medium and small power laser machines for global users, with laser engraving machine (craft gift industry), laser cutting machine (acrylic plexiglass advertising industry), laser marking machine (marking LOGO and leather footwear industry), laser Engraving machine (woven bag carton non-woven bag printing plate engraving plate engraved version), laser cutting machine (clothing, paper-cutting, industrial filter cloth and other industries), clothing laser cutting machine (clothing factory, clothing accessories, clothing hot drilling plate kraft paper cutting) , Ultra-large-format laser cutting machine (customized to different requirements of the industry), paper-cut laser cutting machine (flocking paper-cut money hanging money rice paper cutting paper cutting machine), filter cloth laser cutting machine (environmental industry cloth cutting), appliqué laser cutting Machine, hot drilling plate laser machine, fiber laser machine, semiconductor laser machine, CO2 laser machine marking machine, cutting machine and other series of more than 100 models.

Laser cutting machine equipment - laser marking machine equipment - laser engraving machine equipment

Applications include textiles, clothing, industrial fabrics, advertising, technology, printing, packaging, electronics, furniture, decoration, metal processing and many other industries. Many products and technologies have obtained national patent and software copyrights.

Application industry: clothing, footwear, home textiles, embroidery, cloth play, leather, luggage, field, sports, chair

Typical applications: clothing, footwear, plastic, cloth play, luggage, field camp, car chair and other cutting and cutting, appliqué, special-shaped trademark, airbag and other laser cutting, garment leather carved hollow, semi-finished and finished spray flower

Applicable materials: cotton, silk, all kinds of chemical fiber, denim, velvet and other textile materials or non-woven materials, leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative leather, packaging leather and other leather and leather materials;

Micro-engraving laser cutting machine, micro-engraving laser cutting machine, micro-carving laser cutting machine clothing filter cloth and other industries are widely used!