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Fluorescent color anti-counterfeit label
Fluorescent color anti-counterfeit label
Fluorescent color anti-counterfeit label

Fluorescent color anti-counterfeit label

Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting label use principle

The use of this laser anti-counterfeit label uses ultraviolet technology. The label uses some special fluorescent ink, which is the same kind of touch that cannot be recognized by the naked eye. You want to see the fluorescent lamp and use ultraviolet light to illuminate it. The role of fluorescent anti-counterfeit labels

Some of the logos on the market use barcodes for anti-smuggling, but the barcodes are simply damaged during the anti-smashing process, so that the saved data can not be traced back, and the invisible anti-counterfeit labels are used in the process, and the barcodes and invisibles are used. Fluorescent flow code contact application, technology is more preemptive and confidential, dealing with the losses caused by most companies due to the problem of stocking.

For a lifetime of life, there will always be a certificate of Lin Lin’s total. More often, there will be a small advertisement printed on the side of the road for a fake certificate. All walks of life have certificates, job certificates, degree certificates, diplomas, jewelry identification certificates, and the authenticity of this series of certificates. In the case that the appearance of the certificate is not damaged, the fluorescent anti-counterfeit label is selected, which is not only confidential and safe, so that each certificate is unique and can be verified by the relevant verification channel.

Fluorescent security label: Fluorescent technology is a special ink printing, usually printed on paper stickers, copper paper, laser labels. We usually use fluorescent colorless red, fluorescent colorless and green. The fluorescent ink is illuminated by a fluorescent lamp to reveal the content printed with the fluorescent ink in advance.

This kind of concealment is used as a hidden anti-counterfeiting technology.

Fluorescent inks, ie, UV fluorescent inks, also known as colorless fluorescent inks and invisible inks, are made by adding corresponding visible fluorescent compounds to the ink.