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The anti-smuggling management system is an information management process for the company's products from production to sales. It can be combined with the product's anti-counterfeiting information and award-winning promotional information to realize the unified management of product anti-counterfeiting, logistics and award-winning information. The operation is simple and the management is effective.

Anti-counterfeiting label QR code anti-counterfeit label can be one-to-one or one-to-many, depending on the way the company's products are packaged, the company can set the interval sent by the parent label by region, once there is some anti-counterfeiting in the interval When the code is queried in other areas, the system will automatically report the alarm, prompting the company to have a stock phenomenon. Because the parent tag has a corresponding relationship with the child tag, the parent tag can also be monitored by the parent tag. Through the corresponding links of the child tags, it can be useful to curb the company's stocking situation.

Reasons for stocks on the market

1. The brand manufacturers have different preferential policies for the dealers at the following levels. They find that the cross-level purchase can obtain a lower purchase price.

2 , the manufacturer does not grasp the sales situation of the product market, for example, the task assigned to the channel salesman or dealer is too high, the dealer can get the year-end rebate in order to complete the task, so it will take the initiative to pick up the goods.

3 , in order to crack down on competitors and seize market share, some dealers will take the initiative to pick up the goods.

4 , some dealers may be due to poor sales in the jurisdiction, so that the product backlog, and the manufacturer does not return, so had to get the market promotion, this time will be stocked.

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