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Barcode security label
Barcode security label
Barcode security label

Barcode security label

Anti-counterfeit label factory invisible ink printing can not see the barcode This barcode can be divided into colorless function ink printing barcode and color function ink printing barcode. For the former, barcodes are generally printed with special inks, such as fluorescent inks, thermochromic inks, phosphorescent inks, etc. This invisible bar code must use a specific illumination in the printing, and the corresponding sensitive source must be used in bar code recognition. The process of invisible barcodes printed with invisible ink is the same as for normal printing. But its anti-aging problem has yet to be resolved.

Second, two-dimensional barcode

For ordinary linear barcodes, it can be called one-dimensional barcodes. It has many advantages: easy to make, easy to read, fast input, high reliability, high standardization of reading equipment, easy to use computer and other control equipment, performance tends to improve. . However, the shortcomings of the one-dimensional bar code are also obvious. The information capacity of the one-dimensional bar code is small, and more information capacity must be obtained in a limited plane range. Therefore, extending the one-dimensional code to the two-dimensional barcode is the most effective method.


The anti-counterfeiting principle of the two-dimensional barcode is to encrypt and encode the digitized information input by the barcode. For anti-counterfeiting applications, 2D barcodes are very suitable.

Third, the metal bar code

1. Features

The metal bar strip is produced by electroplating the metal foil. Generally, the surface of the bar code is covered with a polyester film. The bar code is read by a special metal bar code reader.

2. Advantages

The advantage of metal barcodes is that the surface is not afraid of stains. Generally, the bar code is read by reflected light. This bar code is read by electromagnetic waves. Only the distance between the reader and the bar code will affect the reading of the bar code. Secondly, the metal bar code has strong anti-aging ability, and the surface polyester film has strong adaptability for outdoor use. At the same time, the metal bar code can also be made into an invisible code, and an opaque protective film is used on the surface of the code, so that the human eye cannot distinguish the existence of the bar code. Therefore, the covered metal is invisible barcode.

Four-dimensional metal bar code

1. Features

Two-dimensional metal bar code is a high-tech multi-security new product made by complex technology such as coding technology, laser technology, computer technology, encryption anti-counterfeiting technology and photochemical technology.

2. Advantages

The multi-anti-counterfeiting function of two-dimensional metal bar code is characterized by high technology content and complicated production process; it can store a large amount of text, photos and fingerprints; one bar code and one piece of information, which is infinitely changeable; special encryption technology is difficult to decipher; only one-time use It is a national patent technology and is the only one in the country.

3. Detection of authenticity method

1 hand touches the concave and convex feeling, the appearance has a three-dimensional sense; 2 can use the special barcode reading instrument; 3 scan first, then use the computer to decrypt and identify the authenticity; 4 check with the money detector. Two-dimensional metal bar codes also have the advantage of metal bar codes.

Five, implied magnetic code

1. Features

The principle of implied magnetic code is to make the powdery weak magnetic material into magnetic ink, and to mechanically (such as code strip, code width, code distance) and magnetic characteristics (remaining magnetic ratio, coercivity) by offset printing, silk screen printing, etc. Force ratio) performs mixed code copying. The characteristic is that the recording material contains trace elements, multi-feature codes, quantitative identification and low cost.

2. Type

Magnetic detection barcode; random coding; watermark magnetic code. The watermark magnetic code is carried out by using a computer after wet demagnetization, staying in the magnetic oxide after drying, and using a binary interval of the pattern generated by the computer. A unique, immutable 12-digit number is produced. Read whether the watermark magnetic number exists and is correct to distinguish the authenticity.

Sixth, other

Reasonable determination of the position of the bar code can also achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, such as the use of two bar code printing position anti-counterfeiting in the canned container: (1) the longitudinal seam of the bar code printed on the label, this method can only block the road fraud of the purchase of the trademark. It is not possible to prevent the counterfeiters from using the old containers to falsify the road; (2) Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting: After the product is loaded, cover it with a lid, and then seal the joint between the lid and the monitor with a label. After the barcode is printed on the longitudinal seam of the label, the integrated anti-counterfeiting packaging for barcode printing is completed. The location of the bar code blocked the road of counterfeit trademarks and blocked the use of old containers.

Anti-counterfeiting label factory bar code printing position anti-counterfeiting should meet the following two conditions: (1) to ensure that the old container bar code can not be used again; (2) to ensure that the on-site printing equipment can not be replaced by other printing at a lower price.