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Hot stamping security label
Hot stamping security label
Hot stamping security label

Hot stamping security label

The hot stamping anti-counterfeit label is an anti-counterfeiting technology based on the comprehensive application of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. It can be customized not only according to the needs of users, but also by the combination of bronzing technology and printing effect, so as to improve the packaging grade of the product. The pattern spacing of the stamping anti-counterfeit label is relatively stable and the production is difficult, so the anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting level is higher than the general self-adhesive anti-counterfeit label. Compared with general anti-counterfeit labels, the accuracy of hot stamping anti-counterfeit label positioning is high, and the pattern position deviation does not exceed ±0.2mm.

Product application range of anti-counterfeit label factory hot stamping anti-counterfeit label

The hot stamping anti-counterfeit label is widely used in daily days, and has anti-counterfeiting technology on banknotes, ID cards and passports. The foil foil has a very strong anti-counterfeiting function. The holographic foil is also used in the passport's homepage as a distinguishing mark, which enhances the anti-counterfeiting effect of the cover. It is used in many places, such as medicines, books, food, electronics, tobacco and alcohol. Let's talk about it one by one.

In medicines, medicines are related to people's health, so the anti-counterfeiting of drugs is very serious. Therefore, it is safer to use hot stamping anti-counterfeiting labels than to use anti-counterfeiting labels, and it also provides safety for our consumers.

In the book, the stolen map books are endless, which is a kind of disrespect for the original, because the stolen map book is cheap, which makes the positive map book difficult to issue, and also constitutes the two layers of damage of the original energy and material. This can be avoided by using a hot stamping security label.

In electronic products, manufacturers do not expect their products to be shoddy, which will bring certain losses to manufacturers and consumers, so manufacturers can choose hot stamping anti-counterfeit labels to eradicate the attack.

For tobacco and alcohol, fake cigarettes and fake wines have great harm to the human body. There are also many news about fake wines and drinking dead people. Therefore, we must pay attention to the acquisition of products with anti-counterfeit labels on acquisitions. To ensure the products, manufacturers can choose hot stamping anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure that their products are not harmed.