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Wide laser security
Wide laser security
Wide laser security

Wide laser security

Anti-counterfeiting label factory laser anti-counterfeiting label production process:

1. Planning manuscript: professional planners plan multiple sets of plans

2. Color blind film: a color blind film for producing a laser holographic anti-counterfeit master;

3. Make a small version: make a small version (usually a single label) according to the planning manuscript and the laser image on the film image;

4. Electroforming: use a small version to make electroforming, to obtain a small metal version (metal sample);

5. Imposition: the metal version of the jigsaw machine to spell out the large version of the anti-counterfeiting logo;

6. Re-casting: large-scale electroforming holographic anti-counterfeiting master, and working version (for upper molding machine);

7. Molding: The working version is stamped onto the PET aluminized base film by a molding machine;

8. drying net: then release the film drying net for the printing scratch layer;

9. Beer hole, 315 anti-counterfeiting laser anti-counterfeiting label coding: beer hole, hit the surface code;

10. Gluing: 315 anti-counterfeiting laser anti-counterfeiting label coding the product in the future, according to the customer's request and the different stickers are not selected without glue type (oil glue, glue, original glue, etc.);

11. Scrape on the silver: Scratch the silver before the next step, otherwise the next process cannot be finished;

12. Scratch the printed words on the silver, such as: "scratch coating to lose the code to identify the authenticity";

13. Die-cutting: According to the company's request for the manufacture of the die, die-cut into anti-counterfeit labels of various shapes and specifications;

14. Discharge: Discharge the remaining paper after die cutting.

15. Quality inspection: a very important step, after the quality inspection to remove the non-conforming products, make up the qualified products, the number can not be repeated to operate some of the above processes, to ensure that the 315 anti-counterfeit laser anti-counterfeit labels are sent to the customer's hands are good;

With advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, first-class production equipment and strict quality management, the anti-counterfeiting label factory provides perfect anti-counterfeiting solutions for hundreds of large domestic enterprises, and plays an important role in brand building and anti-counterfeiting rights protection for well-known enterprises. The main products are: anti-counterfeit label, laser anti-counterfeit label, laser anti-counterfeit trademark, anti-counterfeiting certificate, transfer stamp anti-counterfeit label, digital anti-counterfeit trademark, electronic supervision code, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label, digital anti-counterfeiting, aluminum-washed label, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting trademark and common Sticker. At the same time, our company also provides anti-counterfeiting label processing services to various printing manufacturers and intermediary units.