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Wide-format laser film manufacturer
Wide-format laser film manufacturer
Wide-format laser film manufacturer

Wide laser film

Wide-format laser films generally use computer dot matrix lithography, 3D true color holography, multiple and dynamic imaging techniques. The holographic image with rainbow dynamic and three-dimensional effect is transferred to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated substrate by molding, and then a certain laser laser effect is obtained by using composite, hot stamping, transfer and the like.

Laser packaging is a sub-sector in the packaging industry and has achieved rapid development. Compared with other products in the packaging industry, laser packaging materials not only have novel and beautiful appearance, but also have high-tech anti-counterfeiting functions. It is the most cutting-edge technology product in the world's packaging printing industry. The application fields of laser materials have been extensive, and they have been rapidly promoted in industries such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, gift packaging and decorative materials.

Divided from the composition of the product, laser film products can be roughly divided into BOPP wide laser film, PET wide laser film and PVC wide laser film.

From the technical level of the anti-counterfeit label factory, the anti-counterfeit wide-format laser film products used in the trademark printing field belong to the high-end products in the industry, and the production process involves laser anti-counterfeiting plate making, film pressing, coating, transfer and other technical links. The product has a high added value. It is also widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, such as moon cake boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc., and the use of laser technology in these fields will be more and more.

The main features of wide-format laser film are threefold:

1. Inherent aroma, strong anti-counterfeiting performance, beautiful, green and environmentally friendly;

2, resistance to ink erosion, blocking water vapor, carbon dioxide and other high capacity;

3. The wide-format laser film has high gloss for cigarettes, and the holographic layer gives the film better antistatic, anti-adhesion and high adaptability to the machine.