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Aluminum Cleaning hollow anti-counterfeiting label
Aluminum Cleaning hollow anti-counterfeiting label
Aluminum Cleaning hollow anti-counterfeiting label



Aluminum Washing hollow anti-counterfeiting label technology is a common anti-counterfeiting label technology, anti-counterfeiting label factory aluminum washing for a laser anti-counterfeiting label, like a packaging has been opened skylight, through the hollowed technology, so that the product looming to the consumer, or combined with the product, so that the temperament and charm of the product rose a level. Of course, the most important thing is the anti-counterfeiting effect, which can completely eliminate the general printing label counterfeiters, and even can eliminate a part of the laser label counterfeiters, because not all manufacturers can wash out the 0.2mm line out, so aluminum-washing etching anti-counterfeiting technology anti-counterfeiting level is high.

This logo is a combination of printing, composite process and other ways, excellent performance. In addition to the characteristics of uncovering the anti-counterfeiting code and destroying, scratch the digital overlay also see digital, while marking the surface damage.

Features: Consumers can intuitively and accurately identify the authenticity of the unveiling: uncover the label, the bottom of the table separation, the bottom printing layer pattern left on the sticker, the information integrity of the table printing layer is destroyed.

Anti-Counterfeiting label factoryThe anti-counterfeiting strength of aluminum-washing hollow anti-counterfeiting label is easy to identify, and can be combined with safety graphic design, digital anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, printing anti-counterfeiting and other technologies effective combination, with high anti-counterfeiting effect.