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QR Code anti-counterfeiting label
QR Code anti-counterfeiting label
QR Code anti-counterfeiting label




QR Code anti-counterfeiting technology can correspond to the product to generate encrypted QR code product information, QR code printing or production into QR code anti-counterfeiting label, labeled on the product packaging, the user only need to pass the designated QR Code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile phone WeChat for decoding inspection, both can know the product of a series of genuine security information, In order to achieve confidence in the purchase and supervision of counterfeiting role.

Several ways to query product authenticity by anti-counterfeiting QR code

(1) WeChat scan code: Consumers can scrape and scrape silver, directly open WeChat sweep, you can sweep the code to inquire about the authenticity of the product;

(2) Public number sweep code: Consumer WeChat sweep, prompt first focus on the public number, click on the menu bar "anti-counterfeiting query", you can query the authenticity of the product, conducive to the enterprise public number of powder, drainage, enhance consumer awareness of the brand;

(3) Website inquiry: Users can sweep the code into the Enterprise official website, enter the "16-bit anti-counterfeiting code" query products True or FALSE, to convey more brand information to consumers, enhance the user's goodwill to the brand;

(4) Telephone inquiry: Users can directly dial the QR code anti-counterfeiting label on the phone, enter the security code to inquire about the authenticity of the product;

(5) SMS query: Users can directly according to the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label on the prompt, send short-interest query product authenticity;

QR Code anti-counterfeiting label production process

1. The enterprise provides its own relevant documents, brand registration certificate, processing power of attorney, and covers the propaganda seal, in order to prove the brand ownership, to prevent counterfeiting.

2, to provide the brand's trademark pattern and business name.

3, the design plan, to see if it is in line with your product loopholes and drawbacks.

4. Signing a confidentiality agreement, the parties may not disclose to third parties other confidential information such as their anti-counterfeiting technology, and the confidentiality of the information of both parties shall be kept by the Commissioner.

5, design proofing, signed manuscripts and other printing information.

6,. On the machine printing, complete the production of anti-counterfeiting labels.

Can also make variable anti-counterfeiting QR code label, when the consumer scans into the query QR code anti-counterfeiting standard

Sign the site, then you can easily access the site, and then enter the QR Code pseudo-label standard contained in the

The number, you can directly carry out anti-counterfeiting verification.