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Digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturer
Digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturer
Digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturer

Digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturer

Digital anti-counterfeiting manufacturer

The digital anti-counterfeiting on the box is usually laser holographic anti-counterfeiting mark, fluorescent anti-counterfeit mark, thermal anti-counterfeit mark, digital anti-counterfeit label, etc. All the labels that can be used on printing and have anti-counterfeiting functions are used on the package. The anti-counterfeit labels attached to the packaging box can generally be divided into the following methods, one is to directly paste or print on the outer surface of the packaging box; the other is printed on the sealing portion of the packaging by means of anti-explosion sealing strips (such as cigarettes, etc.) ). The anti-counterfeit labels that are directly pasted or printed on the outer surface of the package generally have the following types of anti-counterfeit labels, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit labels, laser anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit code labels, variable two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit labels, self-adhesive anti-counterfeit labels, and WeChat. Anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit labels, invisible fluorescent anti-counterfeit labels, traceable anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. Basically, the anti-counterfeit labels commonly used in daily life have stickers on the packaging box, and the anti-counterfeiting technology is used on the packaging, which enables The anti-counterfeiting machine of the package can be greatly improved; in addition, there is a kind of anti-counterfeit label attached to the sealing part of the packaging box, and the position of the sealing portion of the packaging box can also be affixed with the anti-counterfeit label, in addition to the anti-counterfeiting effect, it can also be used as Seal the seal to avoid unsealing. Following the development of the anti-counterfeiting industry technology, the orientation and anti-counterfeiting method of the anti-counterfeit label on the packaging box is no longer limited to the above two methods. Assuming that the anti-counterfeiting company technology is high enough, the enterprise is willing to invest the cost, then the production can be adopted The packaging material is directly used to make the packaging box. The anti-counterfeit label can print anti-counterfeit hologram pictures or special pictures on the packaging box to avoid counterfeiting. It is more suitable for some novel hot-selling products, explosive products, etc.

The code anti-counterfeiting standard is easy to identify and query. Consumers do not need to learn special identification skills. It is very convenient to scan the QR barcode, send short messages, and check the authenticity of the goods.

2, uniqueness, the system gives each product a unique anti-counterfeiting code and is marked on the anti-counterfeit label product or packaging, just as each personal security label has a unique identity card, the product can be copied by fake but the code is unique.

3, low cost, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label production is very simple, only need to add QR barcode level on our common stickers, coated paper and laser anti-counterfeit labels, the added cost is minimal.

4. Timeliness of anti-counterfeiting Every time every digital system is authenticated, the anti-counterfeit label will be recorded by the system for relevant information, including time and certification. According to the number of times the anti-counterfeiting digital of a certain product is inquired, and the source of the inquiry, it can judge the authenticity of the commodity, and can judge the area where the counterfeit goods are located, and can provide accurate clues to notify the law enforcement department in time to accurately and timely counter the anti-counterfeiting of counterfeiters. label. QR code anti-counterfeiting is convenient and can greatly enhance the interaction between enterprises and consumers, and enhance the visibility and credibility of enterprises.

5, the uniformity of management, this code anti-counterfeit standard can be used for any kind of goods on the use of networks throughout the country to establish a nationwide anti-counterfeiting security network for monitoring and unified management at any time.

6. One-time use, each anti-anti-counterfeit label pseudo-marker of the product can only be used once under normal circumstances. Once used, the coating is scratched or the surface layer is uncovered, and the anti-counterfeit label can be significantly damaged, thus distinguishing it from other unused anti-counterfeit labels.