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Laser anti-counterfeit label common sense introduction

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-09

Printing anti-counterfeiting technology is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels include anti-counterfeiting design plate making, precision printing equipment and matching inks and papers. From the perspective of printing technology, printing anti-counterfeiting technology mainly includes: engraving and plate making, computer design pattern, gravure printing, rainbow printing, pattern docking, double-sided printing technology, multi-color wiring printing, multi-color overprinting, micro-printing Technology, refraction latent images, invisible images and image duplication printing.

First, the relief pattern anti-counterfeiting technology

The pattern technique is a special technique that uses special means to make different textures for the background components such as background, characters, patterns, and images. It can play both anti-counterfeiting and decorative effects, and is an ideal technology for the layout of documents and tickets. Because it cannot be redesigned, it cannot be scanned into the original image and cannot be counterfeited.

Second, miniature anti-counterfeiting technology

Miniature anti-counterfeiting printing technology adopts the most advanced digital image reproduction technology, the principle is that the pattern or text is printed on the surface of the document in a miniature manner, and the magnifying glass image can be reproduced realistically;

Third, paper security

Paper is the material basis for printing various securities. Some special papers made by special technology are fully anti-counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting technology used in special paper mainly includes: anti-counterfeiting paper as a new development in the field of anti-counterfeiting technology. Advantages have the following aspects. First of all, it is to make the holographic pattern directly on the paper, removing the plastic information layer, so there is little possibility of being copied. Secondly, the pattern on the anti-counterfeit paper can be designed and plated according to the requirements of the merchants to produce different textures and different weights of paper (70 g to 400 g, such as coated paper, cardboard, cardboard), and it can also be used. Like plain paper, offset printing, screen printing, etc., are both reliable and convenient. Third, the price of this anti-counterfeit paper is only slightly more expensive than ordinary composite gold and silver cardboard, which is equivalent to the price of holographic anti-counterfeit trademarks. First, and save the labor cost of labeling, it is easy to be accepted by the merchant. Fourth, the product directly wrapped with this laser anti-counterfeiting paper can not only play an anti-counterfeiting role, but also is very beautiful. Fifth, since the holographic paper can be discarded It is weathered in the soil and will not cause environmental pollution. Therefore, it will gradually replace the laser holographic products containing plastic film. At present, some manufacturers of cigarettes, wine, cosmetics and food have begun to try laser holographic anti-counterfeiting papers. Good economic benefits. It is expected that this new type of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials will have a broad market.