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Industry field covered by laser security labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Liquor, wine, red wine

Chinese wine culture has a long history, so wine companies and consumers attach great importance to the brand image of alcohol products. The laser anti-counterfeiting label products and services have solved the monitoring problems of the production and circulation of alcoholic products in a targeted manner, and realized the functions of regional management, authenticity identification and counterfeiting and reporting. Convenient for consumers to identify the authenticity also protects the brand image of the production company.

Tobacco, chemical industry

Tobacco products are national monopoly products, and the tobacco industry is the country's largest taxation industry. Driven by interests, the tobacco industry is also the industry most infringed by counterfeit products. In response to the characteristics of tobacco products, a combination of various technologies and a variety of laser anti-counterfeiting label products is proposed to achieve dual protection for tobacco product brands and sales channels.

The characteristics of petrochemical products are also that the quality of the general consumers can be reflected in the use process, and the use of counterfeit products will bring great losses to consumers. Therefore, prevention is a problem that Ante needs to solve in this kind of products. The laser anti-counterfeiting label and logistics system solves this problem from production management, quality control, channel control and after-sales tracking, so that consumers can buy real Famous products.

Cosmetics, daily necessities

In life, true cosmetics are for your beauty, fake cosmetics are to be disfigured, and we have seen too many reports of such incidents. The product system realizes information monitoring from production, circulation and sales, realizes quality control and quality tracking, combines efficient and accurate laser anti-counterfeiting label service, protects consumers' interests and protects corporate brand image.

Medicine, health care products

The quality of medicines and health products is closely related to people's life and health. For many years, the anti-counterfeiting labeling of medicines and health products has been regarded as an unshirkable responsibility. Aiming at the characteristics of production, circulation and sales of pharmaceuticals and health care products, as well as the individualized needs of enterprises, the corresponding solutions are proposed to realize a series of information management from production to sales, so that laser anti-counterfeiting labels, logistics information and product quality The combination of investigation and counterfeit information feedback will satisfy producers and reassure consumers.

Food, non-staple food

With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the food problems related to the national economy and the people's livelihood have been widely concerned by the state and society. The counterfeiting of food and non-staple foods has caused losses to producers. social problem. Laser anti-counterfeit label products, in view of the low added value of such products, in the spirit of serving the true feelings of society, the introduction of low-cost high-quality laser anti-counterfeiting label products and services, not only can protect the interests of producers, but also protect consumers. The legitimate rights and interests of the famous brand are deserved, so that the people can rest assured.

Clothing, shoe leather

Clothing, leather products have serious counterfeiting, brand maintenance difficulties, and scattered distribution channels. Ante's laser anti-counterfeiting label and logistics management solution solves the above three problems, which facilitates the management of production enterprises, and also protects the interests of dealers, distributors and consumers, effectively preventing counterfeiting and maintaining brand value.

Seeds, agricultural resources

In recent years, there have been frequent incidents of farmer pests and peasants in various parts of the country. To prevent the peasants from working hard on fake pesticides, seeds and fertilizers for one year, they need the attention of all sectors of society, especially the government. In particular, a reasonable laser anti-counterfeiting labeling scheme has been formulated for seed and agricultural products. The joint production enterprise provides information to the government, realizes the whole process of monitoring the production, circulation and sales of the products, and is committed to fundamentally eliminating the occurrence of counterfeiting.

Featured agricultural products

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, many characteristic agricultural products have become more and more popular and concerned by people. Characteristic agricultural products are the crystallization of wisdom and an important resource; therefore, they take advantage of favorable means for characteristic agricultural products and special products. The protection of the company is urgent, and the laser security label can provide strong support.

Auto parts, motorcycle parts

The quality of automobile and motorcycle products can only be understood by ordinary consumers during the use process, so the credibility of the production enterprises is relatively high. For this kind of products, the corresponding laser anti-counterfeiting labels and logistics products have been tailored to its key parts and related certificates, which have realized the functions of quality control, channel control and after-sales service control, and also authenticated the authenticity of consumers. And maintenance brings convenience.

Cultural publishing

Over the years, the phenomenon of piracy has been repeated. The products of genuine products and pirated products are mixed. The living space of genuine products is extremely narrow. The laser anti-counterfeiting label has strict inspection system for networked enterprises and network access products, ensuring that the products of Zhengai are bright and protect their important intellectual property rights. Maintain cultural product order.

Light industry, electrical appliances

Electrical appliances and light industrial products have high requirements for after-sales service. Counterfeit products not only cause consumers to suffer losses, but also bring a lot of troubles to the after-sales management and service of production enterprises. The product system realizes the functions of authenticity identification, channel management, quality tracking, etc., which is convenient for enterprises and convenient for consumers.

Toys, gifts

The quality and safety of toys are related to the hearts of thousands of families. Gifts are an important object of sincerity in modern society or a favorite item for festivals and conferences. Their special value is also concerned by many people. Therefore, to ensure the quality of its products has its special importance, laser anti-counterfeiting labels can be developed for toys, gifts, the most suitable for laser anti-counterfeiting label solutions.

Electronics, consumables

In recent years, with the rapid development of the modern electronic information industry, the quality and authenticity of related products such as electronic components, equipment, computer consumables and related electronic products are also related to thousands of households; production and distribution companies also hope that their products are not subject to Counterfeit and inferior violations, at the same time, enterprises must also solve the corresponding after-sales service problems. The information can provide appropriate laser anti-counterfeit label products, while the special waterproof label can solve the after-sales service disputes of such companies.

Machinery, building materials

Due to the variety and quantity of its products, mechanical products and building materials have not been highly valued by people for a long time. However, the result is a major loss to the company and a major loss to the society and individuals. The information is tailor-made for you to provide a reasonable and scientific laser anti-counterfeiting label solution and quality service for your products.

trading company

As a special type of business entity, trading companies are mostly difficult to product variety, brand protection and logistics management. Ante can solve these problems comprehensively to protect your corporate brand and consumer interests.