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The difference between security code and laser security label

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

What is the difference and connection between the security code and the security label? How to apply the security code to the security label.

Anti-counterfeiting code, as the name implies, we can simply understand that the bar code or string used for anti-counterfeiting purposes is called a security code. Of course this is just a common understanding, under normal circumstances. We usually refer to the carrier of the security code as an anti-counterfeit tag. What kind of products do security codes usually appear on and in what form? What is the anti-counterfeit label made of? How do we check the authenticity of the goods through the prompts of the security code and the anti-counterfeit label? These issues will be addressed in the following sections.

Anti-counterfeiting code and laser anti-counterfeit label , the ultimate purpose is to distinguish between true and false. Normally, there will be an operation method for querying the product on the security code label. A label with a security code generally scrapes off the coating on the security label. According to the query making and query method on the label, enter the security code to query. The inquiry methods include website, telephone voice, special service number, and mobile phone text message.

The universal label is also called a universal anti-counterfeit label. It is an anti-counterfeit label made of printed paper self-adhesive or laser laser material. There is no specific manufacturer information for this type of label. People can buy and use. The universal label can be a pure laser anti-counterfeiting label, or it can be combined with the code anti-counterfeiting technology. Consumers can check the authenticity of the product through the website, telephone, SMS and other inquiries.

This problem is seen in the Pan-Colorful Anti-Counterfeiting Company. The anti-counterfeiting of the universal label is not high, and the product has no special features. There is no enterprise logo, no enterprise information, and the characteristics of the manufacturer are not displayed. Type products, targeted anti-counterfeiting label solutions, so no general-purpose labels are available for customers to choose.