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Precautions for laser anti-counterfeit label production

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Laser anti-counterfeiting label production is generally generated by a professional anti-counterfeiting company. If the company itself has a relatively complete anti-counterfeiting system, it can also be generated by the enterprise. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are generally generated by 16-18 digits of letters + numbers. Generally, they are randomly generated randomly. Each laser anti-counterfeit label is made differently, that is, each laser anti-counterfeiting. The labels are unique, and the only characteristic of the laser security label is that it makes the code anti-counterfeiting.

Laser anti-counterfeit labels are generally printed on anti-counterfeit labels. Some products are directly coded on the products. The laser anti-counterfeit labels printed on the labels are generally covered with anti-counterfeiting scratches, and the consumer scratches them during anti-counterfeiting. In conjunction with the anti-counterfeiting query method of anti-counterfeit labels, the use of laser anti-counterfeit labels will be different. The two-dimensional code labels of the Pan-Colored Anti-Counterfeiting Anti-Counterfeit are directly encrypted into the anti-counterfeiting QR code to realize the anti-counterfeiting. If it is a code anti-counterfeit label, it is a telephone inquiry method, which is based on the description and the telephone prompt to input a laser anti-counterfeit label for inquiry.

Laser holographic laser anti-counterfeit label / two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit label is widely used in many industries and multi-category, our customers cover many industries, such as printing, transportation, finance, medical, food, cosmetics, tobacco and alcohol, tea, daily necessities and other industries. In the field, our labels can be customized according to customer needs. In addition to anti-counterfeiting functions, we also provide a series of value-added services such as anti-smuggling, membership points, traceability, channel control, and code-passing.

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