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How is the code anti-counterfeit mark generated?

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

How to generate the anti-counterfeit code of the anti-counterfeit tag and the principle of anti-pseudo-code generation.

When consumers buy a product, they tend to care about the authenticity and safety of the product. The most convenient way is to check the authenticity of the product through the anti-counterfeiting code on the product packaging. In the eyes of ordinary people, this small number may not explain anything, but for the goods themselves, just as important as people's ID cards. And what kind of process does this set of numbers produce? Security code generation process.

1. Generate an anti-pseudo password. The anti-pseudo-encryption passwords are automatically generated by our special software. The passwords are completely disordered and cannot be generated manually.

2, the length of the password is flexible, the number of generated security passwords is 14 - 24 digits, the state stipulates: the security code should be at least 15 digits, and the length of our security passwords is 16-24 digits, which promotes anti-counterfeiting performance and improves The imitation threshold.

3, on-demand generation, can be customized to generate a number, greatly facilitate the needs of customers.

4. The generated anti-counterfeiting password can be used for authenticity check with 800-phone, 400-phone, ordinary fixed-line, two-dimensional code and other anti-counterfeiting systems.

5, the generated security code can be used in conjunction with the website anti-counterfeiting query system, you can directly log in to the website to directly query.

The anti-counterfeiting password is only one component of the anti-counterfeiting logo. The strong anti-counterfeiting system support behind it and the good and perfect after-sales service work are the concerns and attention of the customers. Therefore, we suggest that when choosing an anti-counterfeiting password provider, you should carefully select the appropriate anti-counterfeiting query system and fully understand its after-sales service capabilities to prevent “a small amount of money was spent at the beginning, and it will pay a higher price”.

The code anti-counterfeit label uses the two-dimensional code as the information carrier, and each product is given a unique anti-counterfeiting code through the anti-counterfeiting system and is marked on the two-dimensional code label, and then the label is attached to the product or the package, as each person has a unique Like the ID card number, consumers can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the QR code on the product after purchase.