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What material is used for holographic security labels?

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

What kind of material is holographic anti-counterfeit label made? What are the holographic anti-counterfeit label materials? This is a question that many merchants will ask. According to the technical personnel who will be anti-counterfeiting, according to the category of different holographic anti-counterfeit labels, different label materials can be selected. Widely used are paper stickers, PVC, PET, etc., laser labels are made of alumina laser film, texture anti-counterfeiting is made of fiber paper, fragile labels are made of fragile paper, and some special labels are used for skylights. Security paper and so on. The customer service personnel of the Pan-Colored Anti-Counterfeiting Printing will recommend holographic anti-counterfeiting labels for different types of anti-counterfeiting requirements according to the different situations of the merchants.

Holographic anti-counterfeiting labels are not only an important basis for consumers to protect their legitimate rights and interests, but also a "firewall" to effectively curb counterfeit and shoddy products. When the report came out, consumers couldn't help but worry that even the holographic anti-counterfeit labels were not credible. How can they tell the truth? The holographic anti-counterfeiting label is seriously falsified. The author believes that the key reason is that the regulatory system is not perfect.

According to the incomplete statistics of the China National Defense Industry Association, at present, the number of enterprises with the production license for anti-counterfeiting products issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine is only over 300, but in fact, more than 50,000 enterprises in the country are engaged in anti-counterfeiting printing business. At present, there is only one relevant regulation in this field; the “Detailed Rules for the Administration of Product Anti-Counterfeiting Supervision and Administration”, which does not clearly stipulate relevant punishment clauses, etc., and it is difficult to form effective containment of illegal and illegal signs of counterfeit security.

To ensure that the holographic anti-counterfeit label is authentic, it is necessary to first clarify the details of the holographic anti-counterfeit label from the system. Relevant departments can conduct a comprehensive survey on the market status of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, find out various loopholes in the circulation of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, and problems that are not suitable for market supervision at this stage, etc., timely adjust policies to check for missing gaps, and constantly improve related systems. Strengthen the rigid constraints of the system.

Clarify the responsible departments and increase market supervision in accordance with the law. Lack of supervision or limited supervision will contribute to the chaos in the field of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels to a certain extent. According to the improved holographic anti-counterfeiting label system, the supervision will be strengthened, and the frequency of daily inspections will be increased. Once problems are discovered, criminals will be severely punished, and those who violate serious laws will be able to effectively deter criminals by resorting to laws and raising their illegal costs.

Strengthen the development and confidentiality of anti-counterfeiting technology. With the development of modern high technology, the methods and means of making fake holographic anti-counterfeit labels are constantly being refurbished. Relevant departments should work hard to improve the technical content of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels themselves, constantly innovate the technical level of holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, and defend consumers' legality from a technical perspective. rights and interests.

The current holographic anti-counterfeiting labels are combined anti-counterfeiting systems, and the anti-counterfeiting data (anti-counterfeiting code) is integrated into the holographic anti-counterfeiting label to form a closed anti-counterfeiting system, and the anti-counterfeiting effect reaches a new height. Traceability is also the same principle. It will combine the traceability system with the traceability label and achieve the purpose of traceability through data transmission. This is the direction that will be the recent development of anti-counterfeiting. This idea has also been recognized and used by many brands. Please visit the official website of Pan-Colorful Anti-Counterfeiting.