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QR code anti-counterfeit label making steps

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Not all QR codes can be anti-counterfeiting. What kind of QR code has anti-counterfeiting effect, then what are the steps for making QR code anti-counterfeit labels? The production steps of the QR code anti-counterfeit label are told by Shenzhen City (Anti-counterfeiting) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Generally, regular anti-counterfeit label manufacturers have their own production plants, and must have the following steps:

1. The regular anti-counterfeiting company will ask you for your company certificate, brand registration certificate, processing authorization letter, and cover your company's declaration to prove the brand ownership to prevent counterfeiting.

2. Provide the trademark logo and company name of the brand. According to the vector graphics provided by the customer and the anti-counterfeiting technical requirements of the customer for the anti-counterfeit label, the design of the product is designed to provide a variety of anti-counterfeit labels for the satisfaction of the company. Customer choice. The security label selected and designed by the customer is signed to determine the design draft. And the customer asked for multiple consultations to determine the design plan, whether it really meets your product vulnerabilities and drawbacks, it must be truly tailored to solve the problem.

3. To sign a confidentiality agreement, the two parties may not disclose their anti-counterfeiting technology, company information, etc. to third parties, and keep the information of both parties confidential by the Commissioner; signing the anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both parties to sign and affix the official seal.

4, design proofing, signing manuscript and other production requirements information.

5. Perform holographic molding and two-dimensional code printing according to the anti-counterfeit label style designed by the design department;

6, quality inspection, acceptance, delivery, anti-counterfeiting label production is completed.

Q1: Do small businesses need to make anti-counterfeit labels?

A1: The product enters the market, the brand effect is poor, the promotion is difficult, and the production of anti-counterfeit labels can improve the product benefits and enhance consumer recognition.

Q2: What qualifications do I need to provide for the production of anti-counterfeit labels?

A2: Formal anti-counterfeiting enterprises, customers need to provide the company's formal business qualifications, such as business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, merchant authorization/license (if agent).

Q3: How to choose a regular anti-counterfeiting company?

A3: Stable 24-hour anti-counterfeiting inquiry system, the company needs to be qualified to ensure the supply period and perfect after-sales service.

Q4: Which anti-counterfeit label is suitable for you?

A4: Inspire anti-counterfeiting and accumulate years of anti-counterfeiting experience. You can provide dozens of anti-counterfeiting labels for you to choose. You can also provide your anti-counterfeit labels for your industry products through online consultation.