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Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo is what optical principle is made

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo production is based on the principle of laser interference, the pattern or characters from different levels, different angles of shooting, and then superimposed treatment, resulting in different color effects, this anti-counterfeiting marking technology content is high, not easy to imitate.

Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label technology is a stereo photography technology developed rapidly after the advent of laser in the 1960s. As the name implies, "holographic" means "all information", that is, compared to ordinary photography only recorded objects of light and dark changes, laser holography can also record the space changes of objects. Holographic images have a high technical content due to the synthesis of the latest achievements in the fields of laser, precision machinery and physical chemistry. For most small batch counterfeiters, the mastery of a full set of manufacturing technologies and the acquisition of manufacturing equipment are difficult to achieve, so the effect of this technology is significant.

Common laser holographic anti-counterfeiting plate technology includes:

1. Four-dimensional holographic dynamic anti-counterfeiting: four-dimensional holographic is composed of dozens of, hundreds of frames of two-dimensional digital pictures, holograms in addition to recording and reflecting the three-dimensional spatial characteristics of the target, but also to show the process of the target changes over time, its anti-counterfeiting performance is extremely high.

2. Three-dimensional dot-matrix anti-counterfeiting: three-dimensional dot-matrix hologram each point is a point hologram, can express the sense of space depth, the realization of the real meaning of the virtual space of three-dimensional display, can be any three-dimensional data to achieve true color three-dimensional display, its anti-counterfeiting performance is extremely high.

3. Lithography Dot anti-counterfeiting: lithography dot-matrix anti-counterfeiting technology refers to the computer control of its grating dot array arrangement, distribution and direction, with the observation angle of change to produce dazzling color changes and dynamic patterns, also known as grating dot-matrix anti-counterfeiting technology.

4. True three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting: true three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting hologram is the use of real carving three-dimensional model to make the real sense of the three-dimensional hologram, this and by several 2D pattern stratification to obtain three-dimensional (2D/3D) method, its image is more realistic three-dimensional.

5. Moore encryption anti-counterfeiting: Moire encryption is a predetermined pattern or text for a special computer moire encoding, made in the pattern, with a dedicated decoder to detect the authenticity of the logo.

6. True Color anti-counterfeiting: true Color anti-counterfeiting label is the use of true color in the image of each pixel divided into R, G, B three base color components, each base component directly determines the strength of its base color such a principle, made out imitation of the real colored label.

7. Laser encryption anti-counterfeiting: Laser encryption anti-counterfeiting label is the use of optical technology to store text or some kind of image information in a hologram or an area. When observed normally, this information does not appear. When irradiated with a laser pointer, people can see the stored information with the help of sulfuric acid paper or white paper.

8. Optical miniature Anti-counterfeiting: The predefined text or graphics with holographic micro technology embedded in the image, its visibility must be more than 100 times times the magnifying glass under the recognition. The minimum print height can reach 0.05mm.

9.2D/3D anti-Counterfeiting: This technology can do multi-color, multi-level, layer and layer overlap, crossover, with depth of the or gradient depth and real three-dimensional. Color gradient, pattern stereoscopic dynamic effect.

10. Pattern change anti-counterfeiting: pattern change (Exchange) anti-counterfeiting is also known as dual-channel or multi-channel anti-counterfeiting, refers to the angle of observation patterns through transformation, you can clearly see in different angles of the hologram stacked two or more of the pattern of one.

11. Interference stripe anti-counterfeiting: interference stripe anti-counterfeiting label refers to the use of random stripe interference technology in the production of holographic anti-counterfeiting label, the creation of random interference pattern on the hologram, this pattern has obvious characteristics, and can not be repeated.

12. Speckle holographic anti-counterfeiting: speckle holographic anti-counterfeiting technology (dynamic speckle anti-counterfeiting technology) is the use of lasers to produce speckle, at the same time through the unique invention of patented technology to control the shape, size and arrangement of speckle, so that its formation of the pattern can produce dynamic, stereoscopic and other holograms to express the characteristics.

13. Optical lens anti-counterfeiting: optical lens anti-counterfeiting is the use of the company's invention of patented technology-three-dimensional dot-matrix anti-counterfeiting technology principle, in the plane film formed a series of three-dimensional lens array, its size and focal length adjustable. There is a significant sense of stereoscopic and transformation to give people a strong visual impact, anti-counterfeiting effect at a glance.

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