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Is there a tag security tag that can't be torn down?

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Anti-counterfeit labels are designed by experts such as raw materials, anti-counterfeiting technology, printing process inks, etc., and are printed with difficult anti-counterfeiting technology and design methods that are difficult to imitate. It can help consumers identify genuine and fake products and play a role in curbing fake manufacturing. . Recently, however, news has often revealed some incredible news that anti-counterfeit labels have become the protectors of counterfeit and shoddy products. Unscrupulous traders collect the complete anti-counterfeit labels affixed on them, then stick them on imitations and sell them. It is difficult for consumers to identify the true and false products. Such incidents have caused many people to be embarrassed. Most consumers are asking, is there any anti-counterfeit label that can't be torn down?

(1) One-time laser anti-counterfeit label

The laser anti-counterfeit label is a one-time label that is applied with laser plate making technology and combined with a special laser film. The tag anti-counterfeit label is attached to the product or the package. After the tearing, the label only the surface PET film is torn, and the related content will be Leave on the surface of the sticker or destroy it.

(2) Fragile paper label

The fragile paper label is a characteristic of the application of fragile paper. Once the label is pasted on the surface of the substrate, the label cannot be completely lifted, thereby preventing the opening.

(3) VOID unveiled the word label

VOID unveiled the word label is a kind of regular destructive anti-counterfeit label, which has anti-destructive property. It is a revealing self-adhesive anti-counterfeit material label with most of the substrate being plastic film, and its anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious.

If the VOID uncovered anti-counterfeit label is used together with the laser anti-counterfeiting scheme, the effect is better, the aesthetics of the label is increased, and the anti-counterfeiting performance is increased.

(4) Honeycomb film label

The anti-counterfeit trademark of the honeycomb material leaves the honeycomb-shaped pattern to reveal the purpose, so as to achieve the purpose of fidelity, with a loss, a loss, a present, and a true and false and non-reusable feature.

If the VOID uncovered anti-counterfeit label is used together with the laser anti-counterfeiting scheme, the effect is better, the aesthetics of the label is increased, and the anti-counterfeiting performance is increased.

The idea of the consumer is good. The anti-counterfeit label of the tag that can't be torn down can't be collected by the illegal traders, so the tag anti-counterfeit label on the genuine product can't be the protector of the counterfeit product. Is there any anti-counterfeiting that can't be torn down? What about the label? In fact, there are some, such as fragile paper anti-counterfeit labels, which use special fragile paper or fragile self-adhesive materials, which can be printed on the trademark, text description and barcode, which can not be completely uncovered after being pasted on the package. Once it is lifted, the paper is broken. No matter who or what method is used, it is impossible to completely tear off the security label that has been pasted, or use it elsewhere.

Fragile paper is an important type of self-adhesive label. Its fabric breaking strength is much lower than that of adhesive. It has the characteristics of not being completely peeled off after being pasted and can not be reused. The fragile paper self-adhesive surface material is processed into a fragile label or a fragile sticker after being processed by printing, die cutting, etc., which is also called a commodity fragile quality sticker. It is mainly used for the use of some formal quality assurance methods, which are difficult to accurately guarantee. Unconventional item identification method.

Fragile paper can be widely used in high-end commercial quality assurance of mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automobile electrical appliances, alcohol, medicines, food, cosmetics, entertainment tickets, etc. It can also be applied to anti-theft or anti-tampering of shopping malls. It is high in price, high in warranty and high in warranty quality. Therefore, the quality of fragile stickers is directly related to the quality of after-sales service and the economic interests of the merchants. This anti-counterfeiting material can effectively avoid various losses and disputes. .

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