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Description of laser anti-counterfeiting label material

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-31

Description of laser anti-counterfeiting label material

Laser security labelAs a new era of anti-counterfeiting means, not only because of its excellent anti-counterfeiting technology, but also because of its relatively advanced materials. According to the data of anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers, it can be known that its sales in the market are showing a continuous rising stage. Because of its unique material, it is superior to other laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Today we will start from the source to learn more about the characteristics of the materials used in laser anti-counterfeiting labels.


The laser anti-counterfeiting label uses laser film as the raw material. The laser film is a newly developed high-tech environmental protection material. The main types are BOPP laser aluminized film, composite film, transparent high reflective film and hot stamping film. As a new type of raw material for laser anti-counterfeiting labels, it has the characteristics of high gloss for cigarettes, has a relatively good antistatic function in the holographic layer, and is very good in anti-sticking properties of graphics and text and adaptability to the machine. Anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers take advantage of its characteristics and apply it to actual anti-counterfeiting production. As the carrier of the laser holographic picture, the laser film can be produced through a special process to produce composite laser cardboard, etc., with safety and anti-counterfeiting and beautiful appearance. It can not only be used in laser anti-counterfeit labels, but also in packaging. Sideways. The laser anti-counterfeiting label produced by the laser film has the advantages of environmental protection, high safety performance, corrosion resistance and moisture insulation, and is widely welcomed by people.

The superiority of the laser film makes the laser anti-counterfeiting label more advantageous in the market. Both the production process and the anti-counterfeiting effect are relatively advanced. Anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers have also improved the quality of anti-counterfeit products and increased their sales due to this material. It can be said that the discovery and application of laser films have provided a foundation for the reform of laser anti-counterfeiting labels and played a certain role in the development of anti-counterfeiting. At present, the laser film also has certain defects, and it needs continuous research and development. The anti-counterfeiting performance of the laser anti-counterfeiting label still has room for improvement. I hope its development can get better and better.