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What is the printing process of anti-counterfeiting label factory packaging?

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Anti-counterfeiting packaging printing process a wide variety, printed matter seems simple, but it contains the process how much do you know? Next, let's take a look at the printing process of anti-counterfeiting packaging?

1. Coating

The laminating process is a process in which printed and plastic films are glued together after heating and pressurization.

Anti-counterfeiting label factory glue process is the coating process. Photoresist is the light film, Dumb glue is to cover the light film {that is, matte film}, can be used water-based adhesive, also see can be used oily adhesive, there are pre-coated film, no film and so on. Light glue and matte glue refers to the film coated on the paper, also known as light film and matte film. It does not refer to glue used in glue. The photoresist is very bright, the mute glue is not lit, (but looks better) box waterborne laminating Glue has no relationship at all. After laminating, the surface of the paper print is smoother and brighter, and the gloss and wear resistance of the printed matter are improved. Tip: After coated printed matter, the surface will be smoother, brighter, more resistant to dirt, water resistant, wear-resistant.

2. Embossing

Embossing process is a kind of process that uses concave and convex mould to produce plastic deformation by using printed matter under certain pressure, so as to carry out artistic processing on the surface of printed matter. After the embossing of the printed surface presents a different shades of patterns and textures, with a clear relief three-dimensional sense, enhance the artistic appeal of printed matter.

3, die-cutting

Anti-counterfeiting label factory die-cutting process is based on the design requirements of printed materials to make a special die cutter, and then under the action of pressure will be printed or other substrate into the required shape or cut molding process.

4, UV Glazing

UV glazing is UV glazing. It is specific to UV special coating agent precision, evenly applied to the performance of printed matter or local area, by ultraviolet radiation, in the very fast speed of dry bath hardened.

5, Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is to gold, silver foil as a material, with the help of a certain pressure and temperature, so that printed matter and hot stamping foil in a short period of time pressure each other, anti-counterfeiting label factory will be metal foil or pigment foil according to the area on the hot printing template printing to the surface of the processing process. Print after the hot stamping area will appear a strong metallic texture or other texture.

Tip: bronzing paper materials are divided into many kinds, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on a variety of.

6. Concave and Convex imprint process

The process is to use the large pressure of the convex printing press, the printed semi-finished product on the local pattern or text rolling into a concave and convex obvious, with a three-dimensional sense of graphics and text.

Note: Bump imprint process is mostly used in print and paper container post-processing, in addition to packaging cartons, but also used in bottle signing, trademarks and books and periodicals binding, calendars, greeting cards and other products in the printing.

7.UV Anti-metal etching printing process

UV Anti-metal etching printing, also known as scrub or sand surface printing, is in the metal mirror luster substrate (such as gold, silver cardboard) printed on a layer of uneven translucent ink, after ultraviolet light (UV) curing, produce a similar bright metal surface after etching or sanding effect.

Note: UV anti-metal etching ink can produce suede and sub-light effect, can make the printed matter appear soft and solemn, elegant and luxurious.

In addition to the above introduction of several printing processes, paper packaging printing process also includes refractive, die-cutting indentation, water heat transfer, drip molding, ice flowers, scraping silver and other printing processes.