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What are the applications of QR code anti-counterfeit labels?

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

What are the application modes of the QR code anti-counterfeit tag, and what kind of aspect can the QR code that can be developed so rapidly? The application of the two-dimensional code can be divided into primary reading and reading. The application of the reading type is to store the two-dimensional code as a voucher for electronic transaction or payment, which can be used for e-commerce, consumer discounting, and the like. The main reading application is a hand-held tool (including a mobile phone) that installs the two-dimensional code software, and reads the two-dimensional code on various carriers, which can be used for anti-counterfeiting source tracking, law enforcement inspection, and the like. The following is a preliminary enumeration of the QR code application mode.

1. QR code label for quick verification

The QR code anti-counterfeit label is a two-dimensional code technology and a wireless communication network technology. The two-dimensional code is used as a information sub-carrier to track, collect, summarize, query, manage, etc. each product information, and create a product information. Manage the data link and the entire circulation process supervision system. Through the reading software installed in the mobile terminal, if you use WeChat to scan it easily, you can query the product information in real time, effectively identify the authenticity of the product, and build a “firewall” that blocks counterfeiting. ".

2. Online shopping, swept away

The domestic QR code shopping originated from the No. 1 shop. At present, there are already two-dimensional code commodity walls in the subway channels of some big cities in China. Consumers can wait for the subway to visit the supermarket, which one to scan, and then pay by mobile phone to place an order directly. If the house is at home, the rice, noodles, oil and shower gel in the house are used up. Just pick up the package and scan the QR code of the product. You can immediately find out where the promotion and the price are, at a glance. Moreover, through the two-dimensional code shopping, the product's two-dimensional code directly marks the product's ID card, and the product that is transferred after scanning is true and effective, which ensures the safety of shopping. In the future, the QR code plus O2O (online to offline), the physical store will become an online shopping experience store. Therefore, physical stores may be more convenient to places where customers are convenient, such as bus stops or even residential areas, rather than commercial centers.

3. QR code payment is simple and convenient

Recently, Alipay announced the launch of QR code collection service. All Alipay users can receive the QR code for “pay me” for free. Consumers only need to open the scanning function of the mobile client and take the QR code. Go to the payment page. After the payment is successful, the payee will receive the SMS and client notification. In Fuzhou, a Warwick taxi company opened Alipay. After taking a taxi to the destination, the customer took out the mobile phone and scanned the QR code car in the car. The phone automatically jumped to the payment page and then followed the car on the meter. The fee is entered, and the entire payment process takes only 20 seconds. In Starbucks, you can bind the prepaid card to your mobile phone, and you can pay quickly by scanning the QR code without having to queue long lines.

4. Information reading, to achieve extension

In the past, the content of newspapers, television, and other media was limited to the characteristics of media media. It was static and could not be extended. However, after the appearance of the QR code, this boundary was subverted and cross-media reading was realized. For example, put a QR code next to a news item in the newspaper, and readers can read more information about the news after scanning, such as interview recording, video recording, picture animation, and so on. For example, the book "Bicycle Tour Beijing" sets a QR code. After scanning the phone, you can quickly log in to the website mentioned in the book, which can realize the interaction of books and mobile phones online. In addition, outdoor advertisements and single-page advertisements can be printed with QR codes. Interested customers can quickly learn more details and even interact with advertisers by swiping them with their mobile phones.

5. Two-dimensional code management production, quality control is guaranteed

Bar codes are very common in the manufacturing process of products. Because QR code can store more information, it is applied more deeply in the product manufacturing process. For example, in automotive manufacturing, DPM two-dimensional code (direct parts marking two-dimensional code, can be used with needle marking machine, laser marking machine, inkjet printer or even chemical etching) technology has been widely used in the US automotive industry. The American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AIAG) has also developed relevant standards, from the steel body of the engine, the steel cover, the crankshaft, the connecting rod, the camshaft to the valve body of the transmission, the valve seat, the bonnet, and the key to the clutch. Parts and electronic igniters and airbags. As a result, the quality of production and processing can be tracked at the same time. At the same time, the original production line has become a flexible production line by tracking the processing equipment in the production process, which can produce a variety of products and provide complete implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) management. Data platform.

6. The food is traced from the QR code and can be safely eaten.

By loading the food production and logistics information into the QR code, the food traceability can be traced. Consumers can scan all the processes from production to sales with a single phone scan. In Qingdao, the two-dimensional traceability system for meat and vegetables has been put into use in Liqun Group. The public can scan the two-dimensional label of meat dishes with mobile phones to display the circulation process and food safety information of meat dishes. In Wuhan, in the vegetable packaging of Zhongbai Warehouse, in addition to the unit price, total amount, total price and other information, there are also two-dimensional codes. After scanning, various information such as the production and circulation of vegetables can be traced. , several times pesticides, when to pick, how to transport.

7. Two-dimensional code electronic ticketing, realizing the integration of ticket inspection and regulation

The QR code is added to the train ticket and everyone already knows it. It can also be extended, attractions tickets, exhibition tickets, show tickets, airline tickets, movie tickets, etc. can be fully electronicized through the QR code. For example, if a user purchases a ticket through the Internet and completes online payment, the mobile phone can receive the electronic ticket of the two-dimensional code, and the user can print or save it on the mobile phone as an admission ticket, and the ticket inspector only needs to read the two-dimensional code through the device. Quick ticket inspection can greatly reduce ticketing consumables and labor costs. In Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden and Huqiu Scenic Spot, the two-dimensional code electronic ticket, which is supervised by the taxation department, is one ticket and one yard, and is invalidated after use. Moreover, all tickets sold on the same day of the attraction must be activated first, that is, only tickets sold from the ticket office can be cleared. And activation is time-efficient, it is also good for controlling the number of people, to avoid the burst of the Golden Week. On May 17 this year, in the Wulong Fairy Mountain Scenic Area in Chongqing, you can also enjoy a 50% discount on the use of the QR code e-ticket.

8. Two-dimensional code management of traffic participants, able to strengthen monitoring

The QR code can be used in traffic management to manage the vehicle's own information, driving license, driver's license, annual audit insurance, electronic eye and so on. For example, using a travel license printed with a QR code, the basic information about the vehicle, including the vehicle number, engine number, model, color, and other vehicle information, is stored in the QR code. When the traffic police checks the vehicle, it does not need to The call desk assisted and scanned the vehicle's QR code directly. With the QR code as the basic information carrier, a nationwide vehicle monitoring network can also be established.

9. The license applies the QR code, which is beneficial to the anti-counterfeiting anti-piracy version.

In countries such as Japan and Korea, personal business cards generally use two-dimensional codes. Traditional paper business cards are very inconvenient to carry and store, and the QR code is printed on the business card. After the customer gets the business card, the user can directly scan the name, contact information, email address, and company address on the business card. Save it to your phone, and you can also call the phone function directly, make a call, send an email, and more. At present, there are such applications in China, such as Galaxy, Smart QR code and other companies. In fact, in the third place, ID card, passport, driver's license, military officer's card and other license information can be added to the QR code, which is not only conducive to verification, but also beneficial to anti-counterfeiting.

10. The conference sign in QR code, simple, efficient and low cost

At present, many large-scale conferences are very cumbersome due to the large number of guests. It takes a lot of time, and it is easy to have some insects mixed in, and mix and drink mixed gifts. If the two-dimensional code is used for sign-in, the organizer will send the two-dimensional code electronic invitation ticket and invitation letter to the participants. When the guest signs in, they can complete the conference sign-on with one scan verification. The whole sign-in process is paperless and low-carbon. It is efficient, convenient, and saves time and effort. It saves the trouble of signing, filling out the form and reorganizing the information after the meeting in the past, which can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the sign-in.

11. Law enforcement agencies use QR codes to facilitate rapid response

Recently, the management department of Panyu District of Guangzhou has launched the “Rental House Smart Phone Inspection System”. When the rental house manager checks the QR code on the house number with a smart phone, the user can get the address in time and accurately. Related Information. In the same way, if the QR code is attached to the goods and inspection items, the government law enforcement department personnel can conduct various law enforcement inspections through the special mobile law enforcement terminal, record the illegal activities of the articles and enterprises in time, and ensure the high security of data transmission. Sex and confidentiality will help the government authorities to improve supervision, regulate market order, improve law enforcement efficiency, and enhance the rapid response capability of law enforcement agencies.

12. Discount on consumption, with code as proof

With the QR code, you can enjoy the discount on consumption, which is the most widely used method in the industry. For example, the merchant sends the electronic coupon and the electronic ticket to the customer's mobile phone through the short message mode, and when the customer makes the consumption, the customer only displays the QR code coupon on the mobile phone, and scans and verifies the code through the reading terminal of the merchant. You can get a discount. In July last year, when Hainan banana farmers were slow-moving bananas, they cooperated with Taobao to conduct online group purchase promotion. The netizens booked online, and the nets were picked up by mobile phone QR code to successfully resolve the banana crisis. In September this year, in the watch culture festival on Chunxi Road in Chengdu, Ipoh Watch held a time-limited scan code to scan the QR code discount on the spot within the specified time, so customers can buy the watch at a discounted price. At present, Tencent also launched a WeChat membership card for IPhone and Android. Members only need to scan the QR code of the merchant with their mobile phone to get an electronic membership card stored in WeChat and enjoy discount service.

13. High-end goods use two-dimensional code interactive marketing to help fight the cottage

New Zealand's Antarctic Star wine, one of the world's most famous wines, set off a new wave of QR code technology in the wine industry. Take the Antarctic Invivo Pinot Noir wine as an example. Just use a smart phone to scan the QR code on the back of the product. The information details link of the product can be displayed immediately. Click the link to see the origin, production year, grape variety, alcohol content, product introduction, award honor and other information of the product. Consumers can more easily purchase wines, comprehensively understand the information of the products, can better interact with the brand, make the purchase simple and interesting, and can accurately identify the authenticity and combat the cottage.

14. Expressing the feelings, the QR code leads the teaser Style

Recently, a male student of China University of Posts and Telecommunications used the QR code as a carrier to convey his affection to his girlfriend. On the postcard, he hand-painted the QR code "I love you" and fired it. Such "taste style" has triggered the pursuit of netizens. In fact, the formation of this two-dimensional code is not complicated. First, the information is generated online to generate a two-dimensional code, then the image is enlarged and printed, and finally the two-dimensional code is drawn onto the postcard. The use of two-dimensional code to convey affection is indeed a technical style, high-tech content but absolutely practical, through the two-dimensional code expression must be more than the traditional text can touch each other's heart. In some fashionable coffee shops in the city, customers can scan the QR code on the drink cup and download good ringtones or music.

15. Two-dimensional code ordering, personalized customer service is at home

If you are an old customer of a restaurant, you will be able to enjoy a more personalized service in the QR code era. For example, if you arrive at a restaurant and use the equipment of the restaurant to scan the QR code on your mobile phone, you can immediately place your favorite food and get the discount information today. If you have a VIP discount coupon or vouchers. Wait, the system can automatically calculate the amount payable for you. Or, you can use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the recipe, you can pass the order to the service desk or kitchen at any time, no need for the waiter to order. After the meal is finished, you can evaluate the dishes and services through your mobile phone, and the catering system will automatically give you points.

16. Bus QR code to become the city's mobile map

In 2010, Hangzhou Bus and Hangzhou Mobile jointly launched a public travel QR code query system, which is the first application of QR code technology in the public transportation field. The system deploys two-dimensional codes in bus stops and public bicycle stations in the city. The code can see a map of the area, get the surrounding attractions, dining, entertainment, roads, bus information and transfer information at any time, and even immediately find out how far your bus is from the site, or There are a few minutes to get to the terminal. Therefore, with it, it is like taking a map of Zhang City with you, eating, drinking and having fun.

17. Recruit QR code, job seekers can apply by mobile phone

In November of this year, at the 2012 Winter Talents Fair held in Yinchuan City, the “Two-Dimensional Code Enterprise Wall” attracted many job seekers, using the “Ningxia 12580 Job Search” client on the mobile phone to scan the QR code and automatically connect. Mobile WIFI network, job seekers can quickly and easily understand the employer, job information through the mobile phone, and deliver resumes through the client. These contents are stored on the job-seeking platform. The process of applying for the QR code by the job seeker is actually using the mobile phone to retrieve the information on the platform. It is simple and efficient, and can complete the inquiry and application on the spot.

18. Two-dimensional code enters the hospital, registration, consultation, and medical treatment

For the patient, the most annoying thing is to register. With the two-dimensional code, the patient can make an appointment through the mobile phone terminal, and go to the hospital to take the number directly at the scheduled time with the QR code, which reduces the queue registration and waiting time. The QR code service not only solves the problem of registration, but also integrates the two-dimensional code into the process of medical treatment, payment, etc., and can realize one-stop service of medical treatment, payment, and medicine, and no longer allows patients to repeat the queue. In addition, it is also possible to evaluate the medical ethics, and both doctors and patients can strengthen communication and understanding. At present, large hospitals in many cities have adopted at least bar codes. Compared with the past, the level of medical informatization has been greatly improved, and the efficiency of hospital operation has been greatly improved.

19. Two-dimensional code travel supervision and tour guide to improve the quality of travel services

Some time ago, CCTV exposed some of the phenomenon of passenger cars in Beijing. Such problems have always been banned in some scenic spots. Recently, the tourism department of Shanghai has taken a fancy to the advantages of QR code in tourism supervision. The tourism department of Hongkou District envisages the installation of a color QR code for the bus operated by the travel agency within its jurisdiction. After the passenger scans the QR code with the mobile phone, I can learn about the operating qualifications of the vehicles I am riding, whether it is a black car, whether to accept annual inspections, and whether there are any accident records. Tourist departments such as Yantai, Laiwu and Weihai have launched two-dimensional code maps. For example, Yantai QR code includes the top ten leisure trips of Yantai. After the citizens and tourists receive the map, they only need to use the smart phone to take a photo of the above two-dimensional code. You can see detailed tourist attractions, route introductions, gas stations, rest areas, parking lots and more.

20. Two-dimensional code tombstone, infinitely nostalgic to eternity

At present, land prices in big cities are soaring, and “can’t afford to die” has become a social problem. How can we reduce tombstones and cemeteries and reduce the burden on living people? Recently, a funeral company in the UK has created a new idea, launched a two-dimensional tombstone, added a QR code to the tombstone of the deceased, and the relatives and friends who participated in the memorial took the QR code on the mobile phone and navigated to the deceased. The personal homepage on the website, seeing his voice and smile, the silhouette of the event, the nostalgia of the friend, etc., the relatives can also update the personal page of the deceased. Nostalgia is no longer subject to time and space constraints, and it can be described as infinite forever.

If you continue to enumerate, there are still many ways to apply QR code, such as two-dimensional code navigation, and put a QR code nameplate on the exhibit. After the photographer takes the QR code, the phone can hear the voice of the exhibit. Introduction. There is also a QR code wedding invitation, the QR code is sent to the mobile phone of friends and relatives, the other party can directly connect to the web page to view the invitation content, to confirm whether to attend.

According to industry forecasts, the size of the QR code market will reach 30 billion yuan in 2012. By 2016, the QR code market will exceed 100 billion yuan, and 10,000 companies will enter the QR code industry. It can be said that the QR code will become the next gold mining industry in the fields of mobile Internet, e-commerce, cloud computing, anti-counterfeiting and traceability.