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Laser anti-counterfeiting label production process introduction

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are used by many companies, but the specific production process may not be well understood. The following small series will share the process of laser anti-counterfeiting labels and the production process. Regarding the anti-counterfeiting code on the anti-counterfeit stickers, many corporate customers are not very well aware. Digital anti-counterfeiting has become the most popular anti-counterfeiting method on the market. The products are one thing at a time. Through this method, the identity information of the products can be understood. .

Generally designed, the film (film), plate making, printing, laminating, coding, die cutting and waste disposal, quality inspection and other processes. There are professional machines in every process. The film uses laser phototypesetting machine; the plate making adopts laser laser plate making equipment (lithography machine, etc.), and prints various professional printing machines, different label machines are different; laminating machine, some printing machines also have laminating function; inkjet printer Some printing presses also have a coding function; die-cutting machines, usually die-cutting and discharging, are made on one machine, and special shapes need to be made into a beer version.

There are several types of anti-counterfeit labels, and different anti-counterfeit labels have different practices.

1. Bar code and QR code anti-counterfeit label. With the digital printing machine, you can directly print and code, eliminating the need for film and plate making. The other process is the same as above.

2. Special material labels. Such as: fragile paper labels, laser hologram labels, etc. Laser holographic labels require a laser version, which is more expensive. Other special materials depend on the nature of the material.

3, scratch-off security labels. Such as: code, security code labels, etc. First on the digital press or inkjet printer code; need to scratch the silver, usually on the screen printing machine, some offset printing press also has a scratch silver function.

4, through the color label. Such a security label can be used on a digital printing machine or a conventional multi-color offset printing machine.