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Food Information Security QR Code Development Trend

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

After several years of development, the food anti-counterfeiting and food industry information traceability has been recognized by most enterprises and consumers, showing the following trend of food information traceability.

1. Information traceability is transformed from propaganda gimmicks to basic elements of commodities

With the rapid development of mobile internet and smart phones, the “one-and-one-code” product information anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code tracing technology not only provides consumers with convenient product anti-counterfeiting, information traceability query, but also has accurate data collection characteristics. Merchants provide accurate data support for market tracking, channel management, data statistics, marketing management, logistics management, production management, order management, information push, supply chain finance, etc., and become a powerful enterprise management, cost control, marketing planning assistant. Therefore, information traceability is gradually becoming an essential element of commodity products for various food companies.

2. Information traceability from passive pilot to active exploration and use

The initial stage of information traceability in China is mainly to encourage and guide enterprises to try to use it in the form of government guidance, financial support, and pilot trials. The government plays a leading role in the implementation process. In the years of information traceability trials, food production companies, distribution companies, consumers and other traceable parties have benefited from information traceability, and with its good scalability, not only the leading enterprises in the food industry have actively expanded the application of information traceability. Scope, small-scale food companies are also exploring ways to apply information traceability through various means, channels, and technical means. Due to the different perceptions of information traceability, some companies use it for anti-counterfeiting, some focus on process traceability, some focus on product promotion, some focus on market tracking, and some focus on product promotion.

3. The government attaches importance to and the support is constantly increasing

Since 2010, the central government has allocated more than 2 billion yuan of funds, accumulatively supporting 58 cities to carry out pilot projects for the traceability system of meat and vegetable circulation, 18 provinces (cities) to carry out pilot projects for the circulation of Chinese herbal medicines circulation, and 8 enterprises to carry out alcoholic beverages. Pilot construction of circulation traceability system. And put forward the goal of product traceability system construction: By 2020, the planning standard system for traceability system construction has been improved, the regulations and systems have been further improved; the national traceable data unified sharing exchange system has basically taken shape, and the relevant departments, regions and enterprises have begun to realize the interactive information sharing. The traceability of production and management of important products has been significantly enhanced. The proportion of enterprises adopting information technology construction traceability system has been greatly improved; the public's awareness and acceptance of traceability products have gradually improved, and the market environment for traceability system construction has improved significantly.

4. Traceability labels have huge market demand

Anti-counterfeiting QR code traceability label is the carrier of commodity traceability code, and it is one of the necessary conditions for the traceability implementation of information. The anti-counterfeit QR code food traceability field has a huge demand for labels, but the current traceability label also restricts the traceability of information to a certain extent. development of. Faced with the huge market space for information traceability in the future, label R&D and production enterprises should seize opportunities and overcome difficulties, and use the market Dongfeng to grow bigger and stronger together with China's information traceability business.