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QR Code anti-counterfeiting label becomes the new trend of market anti-counterfeiting traceability

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Over the past few years, the use of QR codes seems to permeate and drain overnight into all aspects of our lives. As a sticking point in the IoT wave industry, the use of QR codes has never been so, and experts have even predicted that hundreds of billions of market space will be formed within two or three years.

QR code more and more for the public to understand, take over, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label has become a new trend of market anti-counterfeiting traceability, and rapid growth, two dimensional code gradually become the mainstream development trend.

So how should enterprises take advantage of QR code anti-counterfeiting tags? What are the advantages of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting tags?

First, encryption skills, safe and reliable

Encrypted two-dimensional barcode is the use of the world's preemptive combination of mathematical affairs, mathematics and cryptography linked to all the digitized information, such as: number, fingerprint, palmprint, photos, Iris, etc., as the initial data end encryption operation, the generation of a set of encrypted data files (that is, encrypted two-dimensional barcode).

The center of the encryption operation is the encryption key, which is controlled in the user's hands. The user uses the key to encrypt the encrypted data file (encrypted two-dimensional barcode) to end the decryption reading, the illness becomes the data method, compares with the initial data to the difference authenticity. In the meantime, the encryption information capacity of the key is up to 128 bits, in fact, the foundation  the inside can not be deciphered. At the same time, the data encryption skills are also linked to the existing capable data anti-counterfeiting skills, so that the use of encrypted two-dimensional barcode skills in the document category of double reliability.

Second, anti-counterfeiting can be strong

QR Code anti-counterfeiting label This has a high data security and reliability, two-dimensional code in all the information can not be changed, with a strong anti-counterfeiting ability. Selection of two-dimensional code card skills based on PVC surface in the United States, the Philippines, South Africa and other countries now has a large number of long-term use of examples. PVC QR Code card has at least 10 years of scheduled utilization life.

Third, the amount of information is large, error correction can be strong

In data collection, data transmission, QR Code has a natural advantage. Tension, two-dimensional barcode storage capacity of up to thousands of bytes, so may perhaps be useful to store product information materials, and second, because of the choice of preemptive error correction algorithm, in some cases of damage, may still perhaps answer the revival of good initial information. Therefore, the use of two-dimensional barcode transmission information has the characteristics of security, reliability, agility and convenience.

Iv. low cost, easy to perform

Manufacturing QR Code anti-counterfeiting label low cost, information can be moved with the carrier, may perhaps not rely on database and computer collection and utilization, with confidentiality, anti-counterfeiting function and other interests.   And with the spread of WeChat, WeChat sweep QR code has now become a user's habit, with two-dimensional code to do anti-counterfeiting label is conducive to the consumer production and living gas interaction. At the end of the process, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system can produce encrypted QR code product information, the QR code printing or labeling on the product packaging, the user only need to end the process specified QR code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile phone software to complete the decoding test, can know the product a series of genuine security information, In order to achieve ning God to buy and supervise the anti-counterfeiting dipping, which do the best should belong to the pan-color overflow security, they developed the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label and WeChat anti-counterfeiting cross-examination combination, not only let the traditional anti-counterfeiting method become colorful, but also let the cross-examination method become doubly targeted and interesting.

Holographic QR Code

Holographic QR Code identification will be holographic anti-counterfeiting features and QR code organically combined, in order to grant a unique identity for each product, the realization of manufacturing logistics, fluent logistics and "O2O" utilization, but also for the QR Code and product authenticity Identification supply reliable package. The code is embedded or coded to connect, and the supply interface is used for informationization. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting and two-dimensional code use complementary enhancement, complement each other, can be useful to prevent false code and Aramid website.

Pro Pigment Enterprises at the end of the process of detention code will be the product of the pigment, wind and other source information transmission to the network database, fluent enterprises in the end of the process of the code to complete the purchase inspection and acceptance and transfer of incoming information to the detention network database, in the sale of sales information to the detention network database, This data information can be used by consumers to end the true and false and wind-induced cross-examination, for the government to end the judicial fraud, wind-induced traceability and product recall management, for enterprises to understand the market supply and demand situation, channel sales and fake information.

Pan color overflow anti-counterfeiting holographic QR Code products:

1. Holographic effect and QR code organically combined to identify beautiful, enhance product image;

2 can be integrated into a variety of high-end laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, improve the imitation threshold, the elimination of QR code fishing site;

3. Using the function of two-dimensional code information transmission, the bridge between consumers and enterprises is used to build up;

4. Holographic QR Code logo using self-adhesive labeling process, according to the customer's existing process and production conditions to determine the form of identification, for customer use to bring convenience, and for customers to save costs.