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How to identify the authenticity of laser anti-counterfeit labels

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-03-29

Today, many fake goods are rampant, and even anti-counterfeit labels are no exception. At this time, how to identify the authenticity of laser anti-counterfeit labels has become the focus. The following is an introduction to the identification of laser anti-counterfeit labels.

The identification of laser anti-counterfeit labels is generally observed by the naked eye, and the internal engraving features can also be observed through the microscopic equipment to identify the authenticity. Its characteristics are: the label pressed by the same template is the same, but the template is affected by various parameters and environmental conditions during the lithography process, it is unlikely to complete the same two templates, which is the most important laser marking. One of the anti-counterfeiting features, the color is gold, silver, red, blue, green and so on.

(1) Ordinary laser security label

The corresponding plate making of ordinary laser anti-counterfeiting labels is artificially made, and the label light effect will be worse than that of the computer version. These labels are mainly used on some product seals, or used in some places where the requirements are not high, such as dealers. Identify the products you distribute.

(2) holographic dot matrix lithography laser anti-counterfeiting label

Such tags are generally a combination of multiple laser holography technologies, such as holographic dot matrix, multi-channel technology, and invisible encryption. The surface of the label is folded and the anti-counterfeiting performance is relatively high. Through nearly 20 years of development, laser tags have been widely used in many industries.

(3) Uncovering laser digital anti-counterfeit label

The scratch-off or uncovering laser anti-counterfeit label is an organic combination of laser holography technology and digital anti-counterfeiting technology. The biggest advantage is that it overcomes the same characteristics of each label of the laser label, and also allows consumers to easily identify the label. Authenticity, the password behind each label is unique, consumers can verify by the corresponding phone, website, SMS, etc.

(4) Invisible encryption laser security label

This kind of label has three advantages: (1) Anti-counterfeit label on the product: use the scratch-off query for authenticity and authentication; (2) Anti-counterfeit label on the box: serial number barcode label; (3) Anti-counterfeit label on the box: Product positioning, anti-smuggling.

(5) VOID unveiled the word security label

This label is a laser-opened anti-counterfeit label, also known as a yin-yang film label, which uses laser anti-counterfeiting technology combined with special film materials to make labels.