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Explanation of laser anti-counterfeiting label

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-30

Explanation of laser anti-counterfeiting label

Laser security labelIt is a way for people to anti-counterfeit products. From the previous ink printing anti-counterfeiting to the current laser anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting technology is constantly improving. Because of the development of laser technology, laser anti-counterfeiting labels are used more and more widely. Many large enterprises will adopt this anti-counterfeiting technology to prevent counterfeit and shoddy manufacturers from using it. How to prevent copying and fraudulent use of anti-counterfeiting laser labels? Today, we have come to explore and analyze the technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels.


Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are mainly used for anti-counterfeiting by physical means, using laser holographic technology and molded copy technology to achieve anti-counterfeiting effects. A complete laser anti-counterfeiting label is composed of flowers, ground patterns, lace, latent shadow, embossing, microfilming, image processing and other processes, and each link is better to have a good anti-counterfeiting function. The group flower of the anti-counterfeiting laser label refers to the pattern of various flowers printed on the label, which has a certain artistic appreciation value while preventing counterfeiting. Ground pattern refers to the connection of repeatedly changing elements according to regularity and continuity. It can be straight or rippled elements. The lace of the laser anti-counterfeiting label is generally printed on the edge of the product, and different composite laces are used to play the role of product decoration and anti-counterfeiting by constantly changing its elements and colors. If you want to increase the strength of anti-counterfeiting, you can add relevant words or patterns to the printed pattern to form a latent image. The laser anti-counterfeiting label also has the anti-counterfeiting technology of embossing technology, text microfilming and processing of different background patterns.

There are many ways to process laser anti-counterfeiting labels, and each method has its characteristics and advantages. Relief technology is widely used in laser anti-counterfeiting labels because of its better effect. For some relatively high-value electronic products, when the anti-counterfeiting requirements are relatively high, latent image technology can be used to make the anti-counterfeiting laser mark more secretly, so that the products of counterfeiters can immediately hide. I hope that the above description of the laser anti-counterfeiting label technology can let more people understand the advanced nature of anti-counterfeiting, and choose the corresponding anti-counterfeiting technology according to the characteristics of their products, so as to prevent counterfeit and inferior products from entering the market.