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Laser anti-counterfeiting labels escort the export of masks

Edit:Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-06-06

Laser anti-counterfeiting labels escort the export of masks

In the past, few mask manufacturers would adoptLaser security labelFor anti-counterfeiting treatment of masks, they generally only print the company's LOGO on the outer packaging. Because masks were not popular commodities in the past, their profit margins were limited, and counterfeit and shoddy merchants would not counterfeit such commodities. But with the global outbreak of the epidemic, masks have become a bestseller. In order to ensure that masks are not copied, mask manufacturers have begun to use laser anti-counterfeiting labels on their packaging and masks.


Mask manufacturers first produce a small lithographic version of the laser anti-counterfeiting label, and then use related laser equipment to mold the mask. The anti-counterfeiting label made by this technology has the advantages of long durability and clear mark. Even after long-distance transportation, when the mask is sent abroad, the label can be clearly legible. We all know that to export masks to Europe, they need to obtain CE certification, and export to the United States requires FDA certification. Foreign customers only recognize these two certificates when they buy masks. To this end, mask manufacturers also need to use laser anti-counterfeiting label technology to reflect relevant qualification certificates on the outer packaging of masks, so that foreign customers can be more assured when buying land.

The use of laser anti-counterfeit labels on masks is of great significance. We all know that masks are tools specially used to defend against viruses, and their quality is related to people's health. Through anti-counterfeiting labels, people can identify the authenticity of masks, effectively protecting people's lives and health. Moreover, the laser anti-counterfeiting label has also restored the image of Chinese enterprises in the world, allowing them to trust Chinese products more. Some time ago, the quality of masks in my country has become a global concern. Many media have used this as a capital for speculation and affected my country's image. The laser anti-counterfeiting label reduces the occurrence of such unfavorable reports to a certain extent.